Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Randomness

I have not been sleeping well lately.  For a while I was going to bed around 10 or 11 and sleeping through the night.  Now I am lucky if I get to sleep before 2.  I have always been a night person, but this is ridiculous.  This non-sleeping issue is why my friends you are getting my random thoughts!!  You should feel lucky.

I have a late night addiction.  No, it is not food related shockingly!  I am flippin' addicted to King of the Hill.  It comes on at midnight and 12:30.  I don't know why I love this show, but I am.  Let's keep this on the down low, shall we?

How much weight am I going to lose in my feet?  I have lost some, but if I drop 100 lbs or something close to that are my feet going to slim down significantly?  Be brutally honest.  I ask because I couldn't stop myself today from buying a pair of wedge sandals from Old Navy.  It was the last day of the ENTIRE store 30% off and they are really cute.  On the shelf that is. Once these sweet shoes get strapped on ol' Fred Flintstone feet here they are not so cute.  I wear a size 10.  And alot of times I need the wide.  I can't help it.  My dad has big feet and I come by it naturally.  Anyway, my feet just look goofy in the shoes and I really don't want to take them back.  So....should I save them for down the line when my feet become more Wilma than Fred? 

So, I have started wearing my glasses again when I use the computer.  I got the glasses about a year and a half ago and wore them for about a month and then just stopped cold turkey.  I don't know why, don't judge.  I think I look like a dork in them so maybe that's why I stopped?  Who knows, but dorky or not they are on and shocking my headaches are gone when I am on the computer.  Funny how that works, huh? 

I think I may have lost a friend.  When I was in FL one of my best friends organized a ladies night out.  I was excited about going but I had just gotten my cast off and my foot was still sore.  My brother had just graduated so she allowed him to come.  He was all excited.  My brother is an awesome dancer, so he was stoked about getting his groove on.  Well, we get where we were going and since it was Memorial Day weekend all of the bars changed their policy from 18 and up to 21 and up.  My brother is not 21.  I felt horrible that he could not get in. He felt bad because he thought he was dragging me down.  I explained to my friends that I could not send my brother home alone. Also, my foot was killing me.  I think my one friend was pissed.  I really hope that this little thing does not ruin our friendship.  Morgan, if you are reading this I still love you and hope you call me soon.

I have not gotten on the scale this week.  It is that dreaded TOM so, I am just waiting it out and see how it goes when it's over.  I am not going to stress about this. At all. 

Ok, I think I am done rambling for the night/morning.  I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Seriously, what is wrong with me?

That is what I keep asking myself these days.  I have no motivation anymore.  I want to blog, I want to get on here and tell ya'll everything that is going on with me, but I can't and I don't know why.  Honestly, I am not motivated to do much lately.  However, I have been getting out and walking.  I have been walking to the front of the neighborhood which is .8 miles one way.  For me that is doing pretty good!  The first couple times I took both of my dogs, but poor Gracie is just too old for this kind of walking.  About half way back to the house she just can't go anymore and we have to stop so she can rest.  One day she scared the crap out of me because her back legs started shaking and gave out on her.  All I kept thinking was why the crap didn't I bring my cell phone and how am I going to carry 55 lbs all the way back home?!  Thank goodness she made it to the grass and rested and was fine.  Moral of the story is that Moose gets to go on the walks and Gracie gets to stay in the A/C!

Speaking of A/'s not working at the moment.  Do you know how much this sucks big blue whale?!  It is amazingly hot here.  It's oppressive.

Joe's dad is in town for a couple of weeks.  It's always good to see him.  This past Sunday we went out and did some shopping, saw Grown Up's (I highly recommend seeing this) and went out to dinner.  Since Joe's mom passed away we talk alot more.  It's really sad that it had to take something like that to bring us closer.  He has a very tough exterior but is a big marshmallow inside.  I guess I know where Joe gets that from! 

Oh my gosh!!  My brother went up to St. John's today and got his first apartment!! Is it weird that this makes me want to cry?!  I don't think so.  I am so happy for him, but sad that he is growing up so fast!!!  I cannot wait to go see him play baseball.  It is one of my favorite things!!

I know this is all random, but it is just coming out so go with it! 

I know I am going back to school, but I think right now I am going to get certified to become a paralegal.  I have been helping my dad a little bit with his law practice and it is very interesting.  I know that paralegals are in pretty high demand around here.   It's funny because when I was little and people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up I always said and attorney.  Who knows, I may become one someday! 

Ok, I think I am done rambling now.  Good night!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Don't Cry for Me Alabama

I hate to get on here and "complain" all the time, but I need to vent.  I am just having a crappy day.  It started out good, spent some time with my dad before he had to go into the office.   Then it started to go downhill.  I am just in a funk right now.  I feel like a complete failure.  I am looking for a job, but nothing yet.  I have only lost 42 lbs (I know that is good).  I am going to be 30 this year and it is really starting to bother me.  Right now I am having a hard time turning 30 and not having a baby.  I am really trying to be patient and let things happen, but it just makes me sad at times.  I want to be a mom so bad.   I know I will get out of this funk soon, but it just sucks blue whale right now. 

I promise I won't be such a Debbie Downer too much anymore :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Walking and sorts

In my rambling post of the past few weeks I completely forgot to mention an update on my foot.  I know ya'll are all just dying to know, right?!   I got my cast off on a Monday and flew out on Tuesday.  It was very strange walking at first.  I instinctively kept putting all my weight on my left foot.  Eventually though I started walking normal and with NO PAIN!!!  I can't tell you how relieved I am that my foot is better. 

Now I just have to find the motivation to get my fat butt up and get moving!!


I think I may have lost a few follwers.  I can't remember how many I had before my trip, but I think it is lower now.  Oh well, I guess my absence didn't sit well with them.  I was busy people. 

I am doing ok.  I am having a bit of trouble getting back into the swing of normal everyday life around here.  I love being back home, but I am feeling kind of blah.  I am very excited for this weekend though!  I am going to dinner and movie with one of my friends who I haven't seen in a while.  We always have a great time, so I am looking forward to it. 

I hope you all are doing well.  I am trying to catch up on everyone's blog. 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm Back Baby!!!

I know, you all don't have to scold me, I know I have been a slacker blogger.  I guess part of me thought that nobody would miss me, so why keep doing it?  But I am back whether you like it or not!! 

My trip(s) was AWESOME!!!  I had a such a good time.  The first week I was in FL was extremely busy.  We had to get crap ready for my brothers graduation and then my brother and I had to sneak off and do stuff for my mom's surprise birthday party.  Luckily she has some awesome friends that helped out alot!! 

Graduation was very emotional for me.  I am so proud of my brother.  He has become such a caring, sweet, handsome man.  I was filled with pride and saddness at the same time at his graduation.  I was sad because he is growing up way too fast and I don't feel like I have spent nearly enough time with him.  I am afraid that before we know it he is going to be married and having kids and we have grown apart.  But I am determined not to let that happen!!  Here are a few pics from his graduation.

Me, Mom, Sean and my step-dad, Wayne

I look a little goofy in this one!!

The day after graduation was my mom's surprise party.  We went to church and then told her we were going to meet some friends for lunch.  On the way to the restuarant my brother told her to look straight ahead for a sec, at that moment I put a blindfold, aka sleep mask, on her!!  She was pissed!!  The party was a  huge success!! She was surprised and everyone had a great time.  Here are some pics from that.  Listen, I never said it was going to be a short post!!

Walking into the restaurant

The second week I just hung out with the family having an awesome time!  I spent some quality time with my Gma.  I took my mom's little dog down to the vet I used to work for to have her fixed.  It was so nice to see him.  Before I left we had a family friend take our family picture.  We had not had one done since my brother was 10, he is now 19! 

I was scheduled to fly back to B'ham on Tuesday June 1 because a New Orleans trip with my Dad's side of the family was planned for the upcoming weekend and I needed to be back.  I get to the airport, say my tearful goodbyes to my family and head on down to the plane.   I got to the airport early because of if of ya'll have flown out of Orlando you know that security can be horrendous!  I get to the gate and it hit me that it is crazy busy because it's the day after Memorial Day.  I did not even think of that when I booked my flight!!  Anywho, we got on the plane and sit and sit and sit.  Keep in mind I have a connection in Atlanta I have to catch.  The captain comes on and says that due to weather in Atlanta we can't take off.  I am not kidding it was like something out of a movie, as soon as he announced that it started pouring in Orlando.  I had turned  my phone off like a good passenger, but since we weren't going anywhere I turned it back on. Thank goodness I did!!!  I had received a voicemail from Delta saying that my flight from Atlanta to B'ham and been straight up cancelled due to weather!  Well, if I am going to stay the night somewhere it is not going to be in Atlanta in an airport, it is going to be an extra night with my mom!!!  I go to the flight attendant (is that what they want to be called now?!)  and told her I wanted to get off.  I won't bore you with the details, long story short I change my flight and call my mom to tell her to come back and pick me up.  About half way home it clicked with me and mom that I should just cancel my flight and drive to New Orleans with my grandparents.  They live in Melbourne, about 30 minutes from my moms house, and I would be on their way out of town.  I call my mamaw and she is thrilled to have me ride along!!  This also means I get 2 extra nights with my mom!! 

Mamaw and Papaw pick me up Thursday and we are off to Biloxi, MS.  We stayed there one night because mamaw and papaw have a free night at one of the casinos there and why waste a free night at a casino?!  It was fun. I didn't lose but I didn't win, so no biggie.  Friday we got up and headed off to NOLA.  This was my first time there for an extended amount of time.  I went to the Sugar Bowl a couple of years ago, but we literally went to the superdome and came home.  It is such a neat city!!  Our hotel was in the French Quarter, it was great! 

View from our room

At the French Market with my Aunt Adele

Jazz Brunch at Commanders Palace

I am happy to let you know that I only gained 3 lbs the entire time I was gone!  I was SHOCKED!!  I didn't eat horrible, but I wasn't being really good either.  I think a lot had to do with all the walking I did around New Orleans.  We did a TON of walking!  I had a great trip!! 

I am going to be a better blogger too, I promise :)