Friday, April 30, 2010


1. What’s your favorite smell?
Shocking coming from a fat girl, but I love the smell of cookies baking.

2. What is your all-time favorite movie and why?
My all-time favorite movie is Gone with the Wind.  Growing up in the South, at least to me, is awesome!  Just attitude of Scarlett and all the stuff she goes through, I just love this movie.  And on the other end of the spectrum is my 2nd favorite movie.  I know Draz didn't ask for it, but it is like nano inches away from being my favorite....The Godfather.   I love all things Italian, hence my husband....he is 1/2 pure Italian!!  It's just a great movie.

3. What’s your trigger food?
Any kind of cake......I love cake.

4. When someone you love is going through a difficult time – what are your go-to words to make them feel better – in just a sentence or two?
I am horrible at this kind of stuff.  I get all anxious and don't know what to say to someone.  I mean if it's a difficult time then there really is not anything anyone can say, right?  I mean I just feel uncomfortable trying to talk the pain away when the person would probably like me to just shut up.  Like I said, I am not very good in these kind of situations. 

5. This one is always the same. Who is your nominee for the blog of the week for YOU? Which blog OR comment touched your heart, spoke to you, stuck with you all week?
I am not sure....I am still catching up

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Heading to the Sunshine State

I am really excited today!!  I bought my plane ticket for my brother's graduation!  Originally I was going to stay for 4 days, now with the job situation I am staying for 2 weeks!!  I will be cleared to walk on May 17th (fingers crossed) and fly out on May 18th.  My thinking is that when I get a new job I will not be able to take vacation for a while, so since I have the time why not just take it.  I don't get to see my mom very often, in fact the last time was in January.  We have so much fun together, we laugh about everything and nothing at the same time.  I can't wait to see my Grandma or General Gma as we call her!!  She just flew out to AK today to see my cousin graduate from HS.  I have already made plans to see some friends while down there, I am really looking forward to it.

If you get grossed out at scars, look no farther.  I was able to take the steri-strips off of my wound last night, so I could see the whole bad mamajama on my foot.  Here is what is looks like, not to bad.  I have already come up with stories if someone asks what happened.  I was on safari in Africa and was gored by a rhino.....or.....I was in a bar fight and got cut!!  I had an ACL replacement when I was in high school and have a about a 8" scar on my knee.  I got tired of telling people about the surgery, so I told them that I was attacked by an alligator and survived!!! 

I know it looks dry and gross, but I am not able to put anything on it right now.  In a few days I will be able to put some lotion on it.

Here is what it looks like on my whole foot.  I had to adjust the colors in order for it to show up!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weight Loss

Last night while getting ready to take a shower I decided to try and balance on the scale sans cast.  Am I so glad I did!!!!  Since the last time I weighed 3 weeks ago I have lost 7.5 lbs!!!!   That makes a grand total loss of 38.5 lbs....I am so excited!!!!!  Just wanted to put that out there.

Monday, April 26, 2010

This Boot is NOT Made for Walking

Well, technically I guess it is but not for me right now!!  I went to the Dr. this morning and instead of a cast ladies and gentlemen...I was told I was getting a boot!!  I still can't put weight on my foot, but the boot means I can take a shower without having to wrap my leg in a garbage bag and duct tape, I can shave my leg and I can sleep like a normal person again!!!  He also told me that I would be able to go down to FL without it.  I get it off on May 17th and I am planning to fly out on May 18th....I am so happy. 

The little blue bubble is a pump.  There is a little air pocket that you can pump up if you need more pressure.  It's like The Pump shoes you know you rocked in the 90's!!

I still haven't weighed myself so I don't know where I am.  Can I tell you how much this is driving me crazy?!  I want, no I need to know where I am at.  I can tell that I am losing, but I would like to know how much and at what rate.  I can tell I am losing in my clothes.  The capri's I bought in a smaller size are getting loose on me.  That is making me very happy even though I have only worn them twice.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I finally got out of the house today....yay!  Dad and I went to a local college and I found out what I needed to do to get back in school.  I am pretty excited!  After that we went to a local cafeteria type place to eat.  It was very interesting, but really, really good!  Then we went around and did some errands, exchanged some flip-flops. 

Ok, so here is where the poop comes in.  I told you that Gracie was sick.  Well it turns out Moose is sick too.  Not just a little sick, but shooting poop all over his crate sick.  When Joe got home and took out Moose's crate to clean it, it was like a horror film.  Poop was everywhere!!  I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed and scrubbed.  I had poop all over me, Joe had poop all over him.  We had to give the dogs a bath because poop was all over them.

Everyone in my house has been cleansed.....thank goodness!!!!


1. Name a career you would NOT want to do and tell why.
I would not want to be a proctologist.  Do I really need to explain why?!

2.  What’s the best present you ever received for your birthday?
For my 16th birthday I got a car.  That is what I can think of right now.

3.  What do you hide behind?
Probably my humor the most.  I figure if I can make fun of myself before someone else can do it then it's ok.  I know this is crazy thinking, but I have always thought that way.  I think I use humor to put myself out there more too.  I am SUPER shy, but if I can get someone to laugh then I start to come out of my shell more.  I hope that I don't always have this mentality.

4.  Where were you born?
Tuscaloosa, AL

5.  A little twist on this one..usually we ask – what blog spoke to you the most, stuck with you, had the most effect on you this week? This week I’m adding to that which comment may have affected you greatly? Sometimes a blog can lead to amazing comments and they deserve their own claim to fame here in this question.
Everyone who has left comments for me over the past few posts.....thank you.  Ya'll are so encouraging and supportive.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I am going crazy and other random junk

I am going stir crazy in this house.  I feel like my independence has been taken away from me and I don't like it.  I can't drive, I can't carry a drink (unless its in a bottle well sealed) I am grateful I can get myself to the bathroom alone!  I hate having to rely on everyone for everything.  Why is that? 

I think my Gracie dog is sick.  She is going poo an awful lot and she looks like it hurts.  I think I may take her to the vet this weekend.  Well, have my husband or dad drive me and the dog to the vet :) 

I finally watched Glee from this week.....LOVED IT!!!  I am so glad I got hooked on this show.  He would kill me if he knew I was telling people, but my husband loves it too!!

Tomorrow my dad and I are going to a couple colleges locally to find out what I need to to go back to school.  I am really looking forward to this. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alright....Here it is

Ok, I am trying this new thing and not holding back anymore because I am afraid of what people are going to think.  I am who I am and if you don't like me, then too bad!! 

The reason I have been really down in the dumps lately is because I lost my job last week.  It sucks big blue whale.  I just feel helpless right now because I can't drive, I don't know how receptive potential new employers are going to be hiring me in a cast, I mean I can't even get my own drink and carry it.  My family has been AMAZING and so supportive.  I love them so much....shout out to Gma, Mama and Dad :) 

I just felt like I needed to put this out there to everyone so you don't think I am always this down.  I'm not, I am usually pretty happy person or at least I try to be!  Everyday is getting better and my attitude is looking up.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Babies

Here are my babies!! 

This is Gracie.  Or Princess Gracie.  She is severely spoiled.  She looks kind of out of it because we had given her some sedation for the long car ride!!

We were at a friends lake house and she just ran out and jumped in the lake and stayed there almost the entire time!!

This is Moose.  He is our "special" boy.  He may not be the brightest bulb, but he is a sweet boy and loves to give hugs.

Here they are together.  Gracie is about 7 years older than Moose and is still not sure about him.  She will tolerate him for about 15 minutes and then growls to let him know to leave her alone!

This is Max or Fat Max as we call him.  Notice the belly flopped over on the bed.  It waggles back and forth when he runs to the food bowl!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Down I say, Down!!

I have been needing some new capri pants since the weather is getting hotter down here in the South.  I don't want to spend a lot of money on them because hopefully I won't be in them for long, so I had my chauffeur (aka Dad) take me to Walmart to see what they had.  Before ya'll think I am spoiled or had my license revoked remember I can't drive because my cast is on my right foot!!  Anyway......I found a pair of cute jean capris in a size smaller than what I am wearing now and decided to try them on.  That was a bit of a fiasco! 

I wheeled up to the fitting rooms and Earline the Walmart worker decides to "help" me in the handicap room.  I tell her that I was ok to just leave the wheelchair outside and hop into a regular room.  Earline did not take to kindly to that.  She came behind me, commandeered command of the wheelchair and started to push me into the dressing room.  I tried to stop her, but that 98 lb grandma was stronger than she looked.  I knew that we were not going to make it and before I could get the words out she had rammed my cast covered foot into the wall.  It didn't hurt, but I really was ready for Earline to give up control of the chair.  Earline had a different idea.  She kept trying to get that stupid wheelchair in the room.  Finally I put the brakes on and stood up.  She kind of looked at me like it was a miracle.  I told her I just had surgery on the one foot and the other one worked just fine.  I hopped my big butt in a room and tried on the capris. And you know what?!  They fit!!!  I am so excited!!

I can tell I am losing weight and my jeans that I am currently wearing now are really big.  In fact my husband told me the other day that crack kills.  I didn't get it at the time until I stood up and realized my jeans were half way down my butt.  Thank goodness it was just him who saw!!  I want to weigh myself so bad but am afraid to jump on my scale.  I don't know how much my cast weighs and honestly I am not the most coordinated person.  I am afraid I will get up there on one leg and fall over.  Funny image but not something I want to try!! 

I am trying to have a better attitude everyday that comes at me.  Thank you to everyone for the encouragement and kind words.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Random Thoughts

I will follow in fellow blogger footsteps and write in list form :)

* I talked to my husband about the Chicago trip and he is really encouraging me to go.  I really hope it will work out.  You can put me down for a strong maybe. 

* I have been really depressed lately.  I know I shouldn't be self conscience about putting it out there for ya'll to read, but I am.   I know I have to get over this and I am working on it, I promise.  I really don't know where all of this comes from.  Well, I know part of it comes from my weight but I am overly sensitive and I tend to go over things in my mind again and again.  I always think I sound stupid.  I wish I was not this way.  I read ya'lls blogs and they are so funny and witty and I am not those things.  I will get over it, one day I promise!  Now after I said all that ya'll better still let me come to Chicago :) 

* We went to the A-Day game today.  It was fun, but hot.  I couldn't believe that so many people showed up.  I had a pretty sweet set up.  I got to sit in a wheelchair and get pushed around.  If people were in my way I would ram them!!!  Kidding about the last part...I would never do that....ha!!

* I have figured out that I can take my cast off.  I don't know if my leg and foot were super swollen the day I got it or I have lost a crapload of weight, but the stupid cast is HUGE on me.  I am driving myself crazy knowing that I can take it off but won't.   I want to take it off so bad and shave my leg.  I hate this feeling of not being able to shave the lower 1/4 of my leg.  I mean all I can think about is when I go back to the Dr. in a little over a week all this guy is going to see is my hairy ape like leg!!  My husband is keeping after me and asks me 72 times a day if I took it off.  I haven't yet, but who knows!!!

* I am so excited I get to go home to FL next month to see my baby brother graduate from high school!!  I am so proud of the man that he has become!  He is an AWESOME baseball player.  I am convinced you will see him play in the pros one day.  I love watching him play baseball, he is so good!!  Watch for him....Sean Swim!!  Here is one of my favorite baseball pics of him. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New cast and such

Here is my new cast.  You read that right.....cast.  I tried to get a boot, but he said no.  It is so much lighter and feels so much better than the other one.  I don't have any pain, just the annoyance of the cast!   I kind of panicked when he asked what color I wanted.  I don't know....I'm 29, I never gave much thought about what color cast I would want if I ever got one!!  I ended up going with Crimson for my team!  In fact we are going to the A Day game this weekend in T-town.  I am pretty excited! 

Can I make a request of my fellow bloggers and friends?  Can you please say a little prayer or whatever your preference as long as it is not devil worshipping or something freaky like that for me?  I am going through something right now and I am having a rough time.  I just need some encouragement. 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Feeling Good for the most part

My foot is feeling good, no pain.  I have not had to hit the bottle of pain meds since Friday, so I think that is good.  I have enough liquid Loritab to start my own corner "pharmacy!!"   I go tomorrow to get my real cast.  I am going to beg and/or bribe the Dr. to give me a boot instead of a cast.  This cast crap is for the birds!  Today was my first day back at work and it was horrible trying to crutch it around.  I am a big girl and it takes a lot for me to haul it around my office.  My wonderful husband has agreed to take the wheelchair the hospital loaned me into work for me tomorrow.  I have to go to the scanner a lot in my job and I cannot carry paperwork with crutches!  I was practicing wheeling around the driveway tonight and Joe asked if he had time to go get the camera before I started going backward down the hill on our driveway!!  I guess I was getting a little to close to the point of no return! 

My friend Kelcei made me feel so good today.  She had not seen me since last Tuesday and one of the first things she told me when she saw me today was that my face looked thin!!  That made me feel so good!  I can tell I am starting to lose again which makes me a very happy Kim! 

I will let ya'll know tomorrow if my bribery worked on the Dr.!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Things I Haved Learned Living with a Cast

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone for the comments on my post from yesterday.  You have no idea how it made me feel.  I logged on and just cried.  Thank you!!

*  It is an awesome weight loss tool in addition to my band.  Not being able to get my own food and drinks have definitely helped with the weight loss. 

*  I have an awesome family for getting said food and drinks for me. 

*  Showering/baths are interesting.  I decided that I would take a bath today.  I got into the tub with no mishaps, but getting out was interesting to say the least.  My husband got a huge laugh at me sitting in the tub not being able to get out and yelling at him for help!!

*  I have learned a TON about the Masters golf tournament.  We are staying at my dads right now and not being able to get around much leaves me stuck in the tv room and at the mercy of what dad wants to watch.  Don't get me wrong, I like watching golf with him, but I had no idea there was so much to learn!!

*  Casts are HOT.  Not in the hey baby, you're fine kind of hot, I am talking Africa hot.  I think I am going to invent a little fan you can hook on the top of your cast to blow air down in there.  Oh yea, also coat hangers do not make the best itch scratchers for down in there.  I tried that earlier today and just came out with some shredded up cotton.  I am going to have to think some more on that one!!

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Watch out.....It's getting deep

Ok, so Drazil and Jen got me thinking.  I have actually been thinking about this for a while, but they kind of brought it to the surface for me.  I miss my friends.  I miss having friends that I can call up anytime to talk with about nothing.  I don't know if I am in a different place in my life or what, but I miss that so much.  I love my husband, but he just doesn't get it.  I am a shy person, so I know that has something to do with it.  I am also very self-conscience so I constantly think what I say is stupid and think why would anyone care about what I have to say.  I know that I have work on these things myself, but it gets hard.  It's hard not having someone to confide in.  This blog is definitely helping me, but there are times when I don't post something because I think everyone is judging me and will think I am dumb.  I think I am always being judged.

I just want to thank ya'll for the support and acceptance.  I really do appreciate it!


1. If you could have lunch with a famous person who would it be and what would you order?
I would have to say Elvis.  I would order a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich.

2. Where’s the furthest place you’ve traveled to?
I have been to London, England and Paris, France

3. If you could describe yourself in 4 words – what would they be?
Stubborn, Caring, Self-conscience, Loyal

4. What’s one interesting thing about you we don’t know?
I am afraid of clowns and the dark.

5. Finally – whose blog spoke to you, stuck with you, stayed in your mind, resonated with you – this week – and why?
Definitely Jen's and Drazil's.  I think it takes a huge amount of courage to put yourself out there and so brave.  I am so proud of them!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Alive

I made it through surgery with flying colors!!!  I am just relaxing my hospital's really nice!!  I had a great time with Kristen at dinner last night!  She is such a sweetheart! 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I got the call this morning.  I have to be at the hospital at 6 a.m., so that means hopefully my surgery will be early and I will have the rest of the day to rest.  I have to stay overnight at the hospital because of my sleep apnea - safety and legal reasons for the hospital!  I am really starting to get nervous.  I know I will be fine, but just thinking about them cutting my foot open kind of freaks me out.  They are removing the tendon from my bone, taking the bone out and reattaching the tendon...I just got chills thinking about it! 

On a happy note....I am meeting Kristen tonight for dinner.  I am so excited!! When I spoke with the doctors office this morning I asked if there was WiFi at the hospital and they said yes, so I will try and post some pictures of our dinner tonight! 

Monday, April 5, 2010

No Fill Explanation

Alright, here is the reason I did not get a fill this morning.  I know it is a reasonable and logical explanation, but I just wanted to scream at her.....GIVE ME THE STUPID FILL ALREADY!!!  In 6 weeks I have lost 9 lbs according to their scales, not too bad but to me it should be more.  I know, I know....what I do (food I eat, how much exercise I get) directly relates to the scale.  I know this, I never said I was thinking rationally today!  She did explain to me however though that since I am not exercising at the moment due to my foot issues I am doing good on the weight loss and didn't want to give me a fill because she was afraid it would lead to some bad stuff.  I understand what she's saying.  I get it, I really do.  However, I guess when I reached my "sweet spot" I thought fireworks would go off or something like that.  I would just KNOW, but nothing really happened.  I know I should be happy and I will be I am sure when this stupid Monday is over with.  I promise I will have a better attitude tomorrow, I am working on it! 


No fill for me....blah!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bad Blogger

I have received awards from people and they have not gone unnoticed.  I am working on posting about them, but I think I have a touch of the ADD.  I work on it and then have to get up and  do something else.  My attention span is about 10 minutes, not sure what that is all about.  Anywho......I am working on it and will have the posts done soon.

Friday, April 2, 2010

BYOC, Cause the Mama Pimp said so!

1.  If you could be a Superhero (like Gilly) - what would you be called or what would your powers be?

I think would want to read people's minds.  I don't know what my name would be. 

2.  Name one physical thing you love about you and one mental thing you love about you.

Physically I love my eyes and hair.  I know you asked for one, but I gave a bonus!  Don't slap me too hard Mama Pimp :)  I like the fact that I am sensitive to people.  I also believe this to be a curse at times. 

3.  If you stood in front of God (or whatever Supreme Being you may believe in) - what question would you ask him?

I would ask God how my Grandpa Bobby was doing and if I could go hang out with him for a while.  I miss him so much, he was an awesome grandpa. 

4.  Besides yourself - who was/is your biggest enabler in your weight loss journey?

No one

5.  What do you do for a living (another reader request question)?

I work for a medical software company.  It's a practice management and EMR system.  Basically we turn doctors office paperless or try to at least!

6.  Whose blog hit home for you this week or whose blog made you think the most this week?

I am not sure....I am drawing a blank on this one.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ready for the Week Ahead

At least I think I am!!  On Monday I have an appt with my surgeon for a fill, I hope!  Last time they would not give me one, but I have not had the weight loss like I did last time so I am confident they will give me a little one at least.  My mamaw and papaw are coming into town on Monday as well.  I am excited to see them, we always have a good time.  Wednesday is my surgery, I am getting kind of nervous now.  But I keep telling myself it's for the best and I will feel so much better when it's over! 

I am so excited that Kristen and Mary Catherine and I are trying to get together soon!  I am so excited to finally meet these great ladies!! 

Spring has sprung here in the Ham and it's beautiful!  The flowers and trees are so pretty.  I am just in awe of it.  My Gracie girl (my dog baby) is a frisbee dog and every night when Joe and I get home take her and Moose out to play.  She is in heaven!  I will try and get a picture of her jumping.