Saturday, April 17, 2010

Random Thoughts

I will follow in fellow blogger footsteps and write in list form :)

* I talked to my husband about the Chicago trip and he is really encouraging me to go.  I really hope it will work out.  You can put me down for a strong maybe. 

* I have been really depressed lately.  I know I shouldn't be self conscience about putting it out there for ya'll to read, but I am.   I know I have to get over this and I am working on it, I promise.  I really don't know where all of this comes from.  Well, I know part of it comes from my weight but I am overly sensitive and I tend to go over things in my mind again and again.  I always think I sound stupid.  I wish I was not this way.  I read ya'lls blogs and they are so funny and witty and I am not those things.  I will get over it, one day I promise!  Now after I said all that ya'll better still let me come to Chicago :) 

* We went to the A-Day game today.  It was fun, but hot.  I couldn't believe that so many people showed up.  I had a pretty sweet set up.  I got to sit in a wheelchair and get pushed around.  If people were in my way I would ram them!!!  Kidding about the last part...I would never do that....ha!!

* I have figured out that I can take my cast off.  I don't know if my leg and foot were super swollen the day I got it or I have lost a crapload of weight, but the stupid cast is HUGE on me.  I am driving myself crazy knowing that I can take it off but won't.   I want to take it off so bad and shave my leg.  I hate this feeling of not being able to shave the lower 1/4 of my leg.  I mean all I can think about is when I go back to the Dr. in a little over a week all this guy is going to see is my hairy ape like leg!!  My husband is keeping after me and asks me 72 times a day if I took it off.  I haven't yet, but who knows!!!

* I am so excited I get to go home to FL next month to see my baby brother graduate from high school!!  I am so proud of the man that he has become!  He is an AWESOME baseball player.  I am convinced you will see him play in the pros one day.  I love watching him play baseball, he is so good!!  Watch for him....Sean Swim!!  Here is one of my favorite baseball pics of him. 


  1. Does that mean that before you were married, you were Kim Swim? Did your parents not like you?

    You don't sound stupid. You wouldn't have 74 people reading your blog if you were stupid. I like your blog lots...especially the title, which I probably use in conversation about once a week! And I do NOT give you credit! :P

  2. Don't worry about a thing. Be yourself and come join us and have fun. It's a judgement free zone! :) Where in Florida are you visiting? I am on the east Central coast...the weather here is beautiful!!

  3. I grew up in's on the Space Coast about 30 miles from Orlando.

  4. So you were Kim Swims from Mims?! That's great! Don't be so hard on yourself, like Gilly said, we wouldn't be here reading if we didn't enjoy it. I feel your pain with the cast - I once had my leg in a cast for 8 weeks! Torture! And yes, my leg was so hairy when I finally got the thing off. Don't worry, I'm sure the Dr sees that all the time. You can't shave it or he'll know you took the cast off!! Hang in there and keep your chin up, you're doing great!

  5. LOL!!! No, my name was not Kim Swim....thank goodness! My parents got divorced when I was around 8 and my mom remarried and her last name became Swim. My brother is technically my half brother, but I have never EVER thought of him that way...he is just my brother. My last name was Allison until I got married. I guess I should have clarified that!! :)

  6. Kim,

    I'm down in the Melbourne/Palm Bay area! If you ever want to meet up while you're here, drop me an email at

  7. i agree with everyone else. we all wouldn't be reading your blog if we thought those things about you. we always tend to be harder on ourselves than we are on other people. even when we notice we make the same mistakes as others but persecute ourselves for them. i think you're blog is awesome and quite inspiring. keep up the great work. i talk about you all of us on here often actually. some days it's literally all that keeps me going. this is indeed a judgement free zone. it's very nice to be around like minded people. my hubby isn't a bariatric patient and it makes it so much easier to know that you all get it. we've all been "there" or are going to be "there" at some point. keep the great posts coming.
    ps~HOT BROTHER!! GRACIOUS! lol and i don't even like baseball. :)

  8. I love that pic of your brother! You are silly, you don't sound stupid.....I would tell you if you did bc we are FRIENDS like that!!!! :)