Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ready for the Week Ahead

At least I think I am!!  On Monday I have an appt with my surgeon for a fill, I hope!  Last time they would not give me one, but I have not had the weight loss like I did last time so I am confident they will give me a little one at least.  My mamaw and papaw are coming into town on Monday as well.  I am excited to see them, we always have a good time.  Wednesday is my surgery, I am getting kind of nervous now.  But I keep telling myself it's for the best and I will feel so much better when it's over! 

I am so excited that Kristen and Mary Catherine and I are trying to get together soon!  I am so excited to finally meet these great ladies!! 

Spring has sprung here in the Ham and it's beautiful!  The flowers and trees are so pretty.  I am just in awe of it.  My Gracie girl (my dog baby) is a frisbee dog and every night when Joe and I get home take her and Moose out to play.  She is in heaven!  I will try and get a picture of her jumping. 


  1. So freaking jealous you get to meet them! Take lots of pics!

  2. Awe Darzil you are a SWEETIE! Kim I am so excited about meeting YOU oh and KRISTEN :) Yay for the fill today! That is AWESOME! Praying for you on WEDNESDAY everything will go FINE! I know it is so beautiful in Alabama! Everything looks so pretty! Have a great Good Friday!

  3. I get a fill on Monday! So looking forward to it!!

  4. good luck on your fill and your surgery if we don't hear from you before then. hope you have a great time with you grandparents.