Monday, March 29, 2010

Random Junk

Hey everybody!  Just some random junk for this eh kind of Monday. 

*The work thing was fine.  I was overthinking it and it's all good.

*Friday was my Dad's birthday.  He has been wanting a stick blender, so that is what we got him.  He LOVED it!  I think it is a complete must have if you have the band.  Last night we made potato & garlic soup.  It was so good!   It was just he and I on Saturday so we went to the Birmingham Museum of Art.  It was so interesting.  We had a great time.  They have huge Wedgewood exhibit and it was amazing.  I love Wedgewood, it is so beautiful. 

* you love how I am listing this?!  It makes me think of you!

*Today was my pre-op testing junk for my foot surgery.  So I get there, fill out my paperwork, and the sweet little tart of a insurance girl calls me back.  I give her my license and insurance card and she asks me "So, you're having surgery on your right hand?"  Ummm....NO, I am not having surgery on my hand.  It's my FOOT!!!!  I made her give me the form she was looking at to make sure my Dr. didn't mark the wrong thing.  They had just marked "5th metatarsal."  I guess it could mean your finger, but I would think you would ask before you just assume it's a hand and freak a patient out!!!!  I get called back and give some blood, get and EKG and answer 58 questions (at least it seemed like that many!)  They gave me the special soap I am to bathe in the day before surgery.  I guess I am all set, just waiting for next Wednesday to get here and over with!

*I go for a fill this coming Monday.  I am really ready for a fill.  Last time I went they refused to give me one because I was moving right along with my weight loss, but I can tell I need one.  I am able to eat more than I should and would like to.  It didn't help that I HAD to make my Dad a birthday cake.....a chocolate chocolate bday cake. 

That is is for tonight my lovelies.  I would have been in bed asleep an hour ago, but my jackass of a husband at the moment "forgot" to tell me that he needed work clothes washed for tomorrow.  I love him but sometimes I want to hit him.  Hard.  In the junk. 


  1. hehehehe - your last paragraph made me laugh! Thanks - I needed that :-)

  2. nope..metatarsal is a food no matter which way you slice it...your insurance girl just didn't know beans about anatomy. Tarsal is foot..carpal is hand. Sheesh :)...the birthday cake sounded yummy as did the wedgewood exhibit. I like wedgewood too.


  3. Oh the joys of laundry...I forgot I needed stuff...and well, it is in the washer now...thanks for the commenting on it..,or I woulda been BLAH in the AM...

    MMMM...Cake. I <3 cake. I want cake...I am glad there is NO reason for me to make cake.

    I will agree...Tarsal is foot...Carpal is hand..and she works for MEDICAL insurance?! Don;t you have to have some basic knowledge?? SMH@her!

  4. Wow, they got a ditz doing the insurance stuff huh? I love the laundry comment, I like it even more when they do it and then go to sleep...

  5. Cute post. Thanks for the smile. i also would occasionally like to hit my husband. Hard. In the junk.

  6. Kim! So I was thinking...your surgery is on Wednesday right?? I need to check and see if I am off work next Monday or Tuesday night so we can get dinner somewhere! I thought about inviting Mary (another bandster that lives about an hour away) so we could all have a little reunion!

    Also Im going for a fill today and I hope they give me one! My last fill was exactly 8 weeks ago and I have lost about 10 pounds since then. So I hope they give me one! Anyways, cute post! Email me about your work schedule next week!

  7. Kristen - Yes, my surgery is Wednesday. Monday or Tuesday would be good! I would not be able to get there until around 7. I think inviting Mary would be great!! Mary, if you are reading this...come on!! Good luck with the fill. I know they can be the fill nazis sometimes!!

    Amanda - A stick blender is a long blender thing you can put down into pots of soup to make it smooth. It so much easier than pouring boiling hot liquid into a regular blender and hope and pray it does not shoot out and burn the snot out of you!

  8. Man thank god they were not operating. I remember once the dr was going on about how my mum's SECONDARY CANCER wasn't that bad because it wasn't in the bones....hello...I told her straight out that it was. Further in the appointment she had my mother on the examining table whilst taking a call about her parking!!!! This is why they triple check before they operate.....good luck with your fill and the dreaded op.

  9. Hey girls! I am just reading ya'lls comments!!!!! Sorry :( I am so sad, next week is horrible for me :( Promise me the next time I will still get an invite!!!!!!

    Kim - I was reading through your posts and we use the same Dr., well I use Miles at the same practice. I am worried that they are really conservative with fills :( Do you have any advice. Will they only give them every 6 weeks bottom line? I am WORRIED now! I am praying for you when you have your surgery!

    I am so bummed, PLEASE invite me next time!!!!

  10. Mary - Of course you will get an invite!! I am just sorry that you can't make it. This stupid surgery is going take me out of the driving world for 6-8 weeks, but I am sure I can sweet talk my husband into bringing me out!!

    I know that Dr. Schmitts nurses are very conservative with the fills. I have only gotten them 6 weeks apart, but it is not as bad as you think. I am sure that if you call and want to come in earlier they will let you. I work with a guy who used Dr. Miles and loves him! Don't be worried at all!!

    You are invited anytime. I really want to get together with ya'll!

  11. Good, I was getting worried about the fill part! I have been so worried about the actual procedure I really haven't thought much about the fill part! I probably should have! Man that is so bad about how long you will not be able to drive! :) I am sorry!!!! I would LOVE to get together with ya'll! I live in Jasper, but drive to B'ham ALL the time! My husband goes to school at night on Mondays at South Eastern Bible College. So, Monday nights are the BEST night for me since he is gone until about 11 pm. Where do you live in B'ham? Anyway, we will HAVE to plan a get together :) You better keep us updated on that surgery mam! :)