Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goal Ring

I was out shopping with my dad and stepmom this past Saturday and I found a ring that I really, really liked.  It's a costume jewelry piece, nothing major, but it's something that I normally wouldn't pick up.  I was kind of excited about it though because whenever I tried on rings in Steinmart or Kohl's or store like that I could never find any that fit.  Well, I found this ring in my current size, tried it on and loved it.  So we were looking in some random dept that my stepmom wanted to go to and it hit me.  Why would I get this ring in my current size?  I mean, aren't I going to lose weight in my fingers?  much as I hated to do it I put it back.  Now, my Dad being the awesome guy he is said that he would buy it for me.  I told him that it was stupid to get it if my fingers are going to shrink so he suggested that I look for it in a size down and make it my "goal ring".   So I looked and they had one! 

I love jewelry, however I don't think I ever pull it off as chic as other people (low self esteem again), however I am trying to put that out of my mind and just go for it!   So, here it is. I thought it would look really cute with a nice pair of jeans and a cute black shirt, or a cute dress, whatever, the point is I like it!!


  1. What a great goal to look forward too!

    Gorgeous ring :-)

  2. It is beautiful!! You will so lose finger weight. Start looking for one 2 sizes down for the next goal :)

    I am down 2 sizes and holding out for another 1/2 size to get my wedding rings re-sized. I don't know if I will get there--but i figure why re-size more than once.

  3. You will definately lose finger weight - I am currently wearing my wedding ring on my middle finger (will weight until after the pregnancy to get it resized) and my engagement ring is sitting in a drawer as it falls right off my finger hehehe

    These small things bring so much joy :-)

  4. I love it!! That ring has your name alllll over it ;) *hugs*

  5. Very cute ring. I feel the same way.. I was never taught how to wear make up or jewelry so I am very self-concious in that department. Even buying clothes..