Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Kicks

Last night the weather was perfect for walking.  So I wrestled both dogs into their harnesses and took off.  Just a couple of blocks into the walk my dad and step-mom roll on up in their car and tell me about a new walking trail they found.  Of course the dogs are ecstatic they get to go for a car ride!  We get to the trail and it is BEAUTIFUL!  It is right next to the Cahaba River, the water is flowing, the birds are chirping, it was awesome!   We let the dogs off leash (no one else was around) and they ran, jumped, played and LOVED it.  Gracie is very athletic and would have stayed there forever if we let her. 

**Side note - We have 2 dogs (basically my kids at the moment) Gracie is a boxer/pit bull mix rescue dog my husband and I got while we were dating.  She about 10 years old and is the smartest dog I know.  I am starting to get sad because she is getting old and I know we don't have many more years left with her.  Moose is a Border Collie we have had for about 3 years.  My husband found him on the side of the highway.  He is our "special" boy (aka slightly slow) :) 

Back to the walk - we walked about 1/2 a mile and the trail deadends, so we turn around and head back to the car.  Please know that if I would have attempted to walk this before surgery I would have been winded and having to stop.  Not last night baby!  I was actually walking at a pretty brisk pace according to my dad and held a conversation with him without getting winded...yay!  About 1/2 way back I realized something else....I needed new sneaks.  I am one of those lazy people that doesn't untie my shoes when I take them off, so that in conjunction with my fat ankles, my shoes have stretched out.  I would also like to think they are loose because I have lost weight, but I may be delusional!

I am getting to my point, I promise!  I decided that at lunch today I would go look for some shoes.  It was as if the exercise fairies were listening because just before I left I received an email from Champs Sports for $15 off!  I printed it and off I went.  Let me just tell you Champs does not carry a huge womens shoes area.  They cater to men's shoes, but I was bound and determined to find some shoes.  Also, please be aware that they do not carry Adidas for women in their stores anymore.  I wore nothing but Adidas when I was younger, but I am older now and decided I needed to open my eyes to other shoes.  I talked with the guy and he said Asics were good shoes.  I tried on a pair and loved them!  I know it was a long story to get to my new shoes, but I felt like I needed to tell the whole story!!  Here they are

Looking at the picture, they look HUGE to me.  I wear a size 10, but these look bigger than that.  Also, please ignore my messy work desk!


  1. When you were younger and wore adidas...did you guys (like when you were in junior high) ever say it stood for All Day I Dream About Sex? neither :)

    I need new shoes as well. I bought mine right after surgery last year and they are too big! Yours are cute!

  2. Nooo.....I never said that Amy!! :) So far the Asics are wearing well, I have only had them an hour, but so far so good!!

  3. I am a all-year-around outdoor walker and I am so jazzed now that the weather is getting better (of course I live in the Pac NW where winter means rain, but usually not snow or ice). I also have a cutie-pie dog that needs the exercise. Your shoes are cute!

  4. I love Asics! I bought my first pair about 6 months ago and I love,love,love 'em. Did I mention I love them? :)

    Mine have some pink in them as well and I also have big feet, size 10.

  5. Fantastic NSV!

    I'm losing weight to keep up with my kids too (the two legged variety!) :-)

  6. I bought shoes as well just before the operation but i need to wear them more to break them in.

    mine are unisex ones so they are not pretty like yours.

  7. Enjoy your new shoes. Just the thing to be chasing down the dogs.

  8. I have been wearing asics for 3 years. Love them.. I have difficult feet a high arch and wide foot. These are the best. I will never go back to any other brand. Love how you put them on and they feel like a comfortable old shoe.

  9. Your feet are probably smaller from the weight loss, mine are. Asics are the greatest shoes expecially if you overpronate. Good job with getting them on sale.

    And Amy I haven't thought about the Adidas thing since middle school..too funny!