Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How did it happen....

....that I actually LOST weight over Thanksgiving?  I don't know and quite frankly I don't care!!  I am just happy it happened!  I didn't eat a lot over Thanksgiving, but I ate things I shouldn't have.  It was great that my Mamaw and Papaw came up.

Black Friday was an event!  Mamaw decided she needed a new computer and we shopped around and the best deal for her budget was at Walmart.  She had it all planned out and at 6:30 on Thursday night she packed up her chair and camped out!!  She was number one in line!!  When my dad and I got there she knew pretty much all the employees and had them in hysterics!  She is awesome.  

I am kind of acting as a sort of secretary/assistant in my dad's office, which is great.  The downside is having to type up my own divorce papers.  I didn't think it would be as hard as it was just typing up some documents, but seeing it in black and white makes it VERY real and permanent.  It's what I want, but still very upsetting. 

On to some better news....I am going to FL in 9 days!!  I am so excited that I get to spend Christmas with my mom and my FL family!!!  It is going to be so much fun.  I am also going to get to spend some quality time with Maria (DizneDiva) :) 

I think I am in the zone with my band.  I am losing and doing pretty good.  I get stuck sometimes, but I know it is my own fault by eating to fast or not chewing enough.  I am determined to get in more exercise and water.

Friday, November 26, 2010

A Day Late

Sorry it's a day late, but I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!  Mine was great!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I am Batwoman

If we are friends on FB you probably know already, but I was assaulted by a bat this evening in the garage. 

My dad and step mom are installing a hardwood floor and since my dad is out of town tonight I was recruited to help my step mom.  She needed a board cut so I went out into the garage to the saw and out of freaking no where this bat comes flying down at me.  At the time I didn't know it was a bat, I just knew it was a gigantic black thing flying at my face!!  Once he landed on the floor (and after I stopped screaming and jumping around) I realized what it was.  A furry, beady eyed bat!  I have seen these things in a zoo but never this up close.  It started moving its wings and moving around on its nubbin things at the end of the wings.  Every time I moved, it starting squeaking in what I can only assume was the attack noise to signal it was about to fly at me again.  I of course did not notice that my dogs came into the garage with me so when Grace brushed up against my leg the screaming and jumping started all over again thinking that I was part of some hunting trap with a heard/gaggle/pod of bats.  I started screaming for my step mom that there was bat down here and to come help me.  I should mention at this point that the bat had strategically placed himself in front of the door to get back into the house and also in front of the garage door opener.  Well my step mom, instead of hearing "bat" she heard "Max" which is my cats name and left me for dead while yelling "Max is up here, don't worry".  Once I was able to establish that I was being held hostage by the furry killer she came down.  She was afraid to open the door but she did manage to open one of the garage doors and toss me my phone.  At this point I called my dad to see if he had any tennis racquets/poison/shotguns around so I could make my escape.  Yea, that was a mistake.  After the 15 minutes of laughing he just told me to make sure it was out of the garage before he got home!  While on the phone, my idiot dog Moose went to investigate.  The bat started shrieking again and I was hunkered down behind the table saw waiting for the second attack.  Moose was my hero tonight however, he was able to agitate the bat enough for it to move on its nubbinwings far enough away from the door so I could slip past and inside.  In my hasty retreat I accidentally left Gracie out to fend off the beast herself!  When I opened up the door to let her in I did not see the bat so I can only assume it flew out.  I don't know though because I haven't been out there since. 

It was a lot bigger in person!!  Notice how he is directly in front of the door?! 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life in General

I am really trying to blog more.  Funny how that works when I blog I do better with my weight loss...hmm. 

I am happy to report today that I weighed in with my lowest weight so far.  I am down 52.7 lbs.  I am planning on getting back on track with my exercise this week.  Eating wise I have been doing pretty well.  I tried the 5 day pouch test and it was not that bad, but in the middle of it I experienced some intestinal issues (not band or 5DPT related) so I had to stop it on day 3.  Once everything is back to normal I plan on trying it again. 

I am having lunch tomorrow with a great friend who I have not seen in a really long time.  Isn't that crazy that we live 25 min away from each other but hardly see one another?  It is to me at least.  I am excited to see her.  She really understands me, its like we have known each other forever!

I am excited that my Mamaw and Papaw are coming to B'ham for Thanksgiving.  They are awesome grandparents.  I am really excited that I am going down to FL for Christmas.  I love spending time with my family and friends.  Don't get jealous, but I am also getting to spend some more time with Maria (DizneDiva)! 

Sorry for the rambling, it's 2:22 a.m. and I can't sleep so this is what you get :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm Here

Hey y'all!  I know I have not been blogging and I don't know why.  I have been reading and keeping up with everyone, I just haven't had the motivation :(  I have been sick the past 2 days but that does not excuse the 9 days before that.  I am feeling much better today, but I am still taking it easy today because I want to feel back to normal for the football game on Saturday.  We are apparently spending the whole day over in T-town and the game does not start until 7:45 so it is going to be a long day and I need to be 100%. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Worked That Poll Like Nobody's Business!!

I had SO much fun today working at the polls today!  The people were awesome and  it was a great turnout!  I am anxious to see the results but I am dog tired.  I was up at 5 this morning, at my polling station by 6 and didn't leave until around 9 pm.   Now I can't fall asleep, go figure!!

I hope everyone got out there and exercised their right to vote :)

Inside my Head

So, I just read a post about talking to yourself inside your head and wow, I do that all the time.  I go inside my head more than I care to admit and beat myself up.  I put myself down about my appearance, and about why I don't think people like me.  Why do I do this?  It's crazy!  So much for not being a Debbie Downer!!  I really hope I am not coming off as some psycho, I assure I am not.  I am just being honest.  I have figured out that this is something I have done for as long as I can remember.  I was an only child for 10 years and was painfully shy.  To this day before I make any decision or have something important to think about I go inside my head and talk it out with myself.  The pros and cons, the repercussions of my decision.  Do other people do that?  I sure as hell hope so!!  I have also figured out that I did this alot in dealing with my parents divorce.  I would try and rationalize things myself instead of talking about it with someone.

In my weight loss journey I am really trying not just to conquer my weight problems but to also work through some things in my head.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Working the Poll

Get your mind out of the gutters you pervs...I am not working "the pole" but the election polls tomorrow!  Get out and vote people!!  Trust me, there are no openings for plus size strippers!!

On the band front I am doing well.  I am down about 54 lbs now.  My zumba starts back tomorrow, but since I will be at the polls until about 8 tomorrow night I won't be able to go  :(  But my butt will be shaking on Thursday night! 

I went to the Domestic Relations courthouse today to find out what it takes to file for divorce.  Even though he walked out on me and this was his doing I am going to file because he never will.  What motivation does he have to file?  NONE!  Did y'all know it was so expensive to file?  I sure as heck didn't!  I joked with my stepmom today that I am going to ask people for $ for Christmas to help me file for divorce or I am going to start a website....helpkimfilefordivorcefund.com :)   My stepmom posed a question to me tonight that kind of surprised me.  She asked why file for divorce?  What difference would it make in my life?  I was like what?!  Physically she is right, it would make no difference - we don't see each other, we never talk.  All communication is via email.  However mentally & emotionally it is going to make a HUGE difference.  I don't know if that sounds crazy or not, but it's how I feel.  I feel like I'm chained to this failed marriage and I want out and to move on with my life.  I want to make it final so I can change my name back and go forward with Kim's life and not Kim and Joe's life like it was supposed to be.  It makes me sad, don't get me wrong,  but I know it truly is the best thing for both of us.  Everyday is better than the last and that is all I can ask for.  Thank y'all for your words of encouragement, I really appreciate them.

I am going to work on not being such a Debbie Downer all the time.   

Anyway...get out and vote people!!!!