Monday, March 29, 2010

Random Junk

Hey everybody!  Just some random junk for this eh kind of Monday. 

*The work thing was fine.  I was overthinking it and it's all good.

*Friday was my Dad's birthday.  He has been wanting a stick blender, so that is what we got him.  He LOVED it!  I think it is a complete must have if you have the band.  Last night we made potato & garlic soup.  It was so good!   It was just he and I on Saturday so we went to the Birmingham Museum of Art.  It was so interesting.  We had a great time.  They have huge Wedgewood exhibit and it was amazing.  I love Wedgewood, it is so beautiful. 

* you love how I am listing this?!  It makes me think of you!

*Today was my pre-op testing junk for my foot surgery.  So I get there, fill out my paperwork, and the sweet little tart of a insurance girl calls me back.  I give her my license and insurance card and she asks me "So, you're having surgery on your right hand?"  Ummm....NO, I am not having surgery on my hand.  It's my FOOT!!!!  I made her give me the form she was looking at to make sure my Dr. didn't mark the wrong thing.  They had just marked "5th metatarsal."  I guess it could mean your finger, but I would think you would ask before you just assume it's a hand and freak a patient out!!!!  I get called back and give some blood, get and EKG and answer 58 questions (at least it seemed like that many!)  They gave me the special soap I am to bathe in the day before surgery.  I guess I am all set, just waiting for next Wednesday to get here and over with!

*I go for a fill this coming Monday.  I am really ready for a fill.  Last time I went they refused to give me one because I was moving right along with my weight loss, but I can tell I need one.  I am able to eat more than I should and would like to.  It didn't help that I HAD to make my Dad a birthday cake.....a chocolate chocolate bday cake. 

That is is for tonight my lovelies.  I would have been in bed asleep an hour ago, but my jackass of a husband at the moment "forgot" to tell me that he needed work clothes washed for tomorrow.  I love him but sometimes I want to hit him.  Hard.  In the junk. 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Advice Needed

This is not band or weight loss related at all, but I need some advice.  On Friday I posted my status on Facebook with something political.  A couple of co-workers who have a different opinion than I on the subject made some remarks on my status.  Me being me feel stupid for posting it (it was not bad at all) but on the other hand it's Facebook and not anything to do with work.  I am now afraid that they are going to take it out on me at work.  I mean everyone has their opinion and I am perfectly fine with that, but I don't know if they are.  Is it wrong for me to have posted that?  Should I feel bad?  I am kind of worried about what is going to happen at work on Monday.  Am I just overthinking this? 

Friday, March 26, 2010

BYOC Answers

1.  If you could change your first name - what would it be?
I would change my name to Anastasia.  I know there is some children's story out there but I have not read it or have any idea what it's about.  I just love that name and I am not sure why, I just think it's pretty. 

2.  Why are man hole covers round?
 A circles is a non-offensive shape, so all cultures and countries can have round man hole covers and everyone be fine with it.  Really?  I have no flippin' clue!  I just pulled that one out of my butt!

3.  What's one of your biggest pet peeves?
Loud eaters.  I cannot stand the sound of someone chewing loudly or smacking their mouths when they eat or chew gum.  I really want to go tell them to shut it or punch them in the face.  Either one would work for me!

4.  If you could be a car - what would it be?  Post a pic if you can.
I would be a jet black Audi S6.  I love that car!

5.  What's the biggest thing you learned from a blog this week or which blog spoke to you the most this week off the top of your head? For me it was Jen at Jen's Lap Band Journey and the shopping.  I can relate to that right now. She's right....Old Navy can suck it!!! 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am back on the water bandwagon.  I had fallen off for a few days, but I am back baby!  I have made myself a goal.  I am bound and determined to lose at the very least 5 lbs before my foot surgery, 2 weeks from today.  I hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Foot Surgery Date

**I changed the title because people may get confused about the kind of surgery!  I am having my foot operated on April 7th.  I have had my band for months now! 

Hey guys...quick update.  I just spoke with my surgeons office and the date for my sx is April 7th.  That would be 2 weeks from tomorrow.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Verdict is in

Well, if I am going to do something, I am going to do it big I guess.  I went to the orthopedic Dr. this morning and found out the problem with my foot.  They took 3 x-rays of my foot and within the first 5 seconds of looking at them the Dr. was like "oh yea, there's your problem."   The official diagnosis is Base of the 5th metatarsal fracture non union.  Basically the bone that juts out on the side of your foot is fractured.  I have been walking around with it like this for the last 4 years, but now that I am exercising more and losing the weight it is hurting a lot more.  So, I know you are asking - Kim, how do they fix this?  Well, I'll tell you.  I have 2 options.  Behind door #1 is do nothing, just keep walking around with the pain.  Behind door #2 is surgery.  I know, right?!  Where did that come from?!  Basically since I have been walking around with this fracture for so long it will never heal by itself.  There are 2 options for surgery.  The first one they go in and screw the bones back together.  The Dr. does not recommend this option.  Option 2 is they go in and take out the bone that is fractured and reattach the tendon.  That is what I am going to go with.  I have talked this over with several people and at this point I think this is my best option. 

I don't know why I am so emotional about this.  I held it together in his office, but when I got out to my car I broke down and started crying.  I guess I know why I am emotional about it.  First I am upset because this is just another road block for me and my weight loss.  I am actually wanting to exercise and after surgery I will have a cast and be on crutches for 8 weeks.  However, if I don't have it I don't want to exercise because my foot hurts.  In the long run I know that this will help me lose weight.  Secondly I have this unnatural fear of anesthesia.  I don't know where it comes from, but I am afraid I will die under anesthesia.  I know it's stupid, but it makes me cry whenever I think about it. 

I don't have a date yet, but I should know something this week.  Part of me doesn't want to have it and just deal with it, but I know that is not really an option.  I know this will help me.  I am depressed about it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fractured or something else....hmmm???

About 4 years ago the top and side of my foot really, really started to hurt.  I went to the Dr. and they said I had a stress fracture.  I wore the walking boot thing and all was good.  Well, fast forward to now and it is happening again.  My right foot is so painful to walk on.  If I am sitting for a while, say for instance at my desk at work, and I get up I have to walk like a flippin' cripple for 10 minutes until I get used to it.  On Thursday I called an orthopedic office and I have an appt on Monday morning.  I hope they can fix my foot, it hurts like a mother. 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Drazil made me do it

I don't want to get the pimp hand, so here are my answers!

1.  If you could be a weather forecast, what would you be and why?
I would be a crisp fall afternoon.  I love the cool, not too cold not too hot weather.  It is perfect college football watching weather! 

2.  If you could be a crayon, what color would you be and why?
I would be blue.  Not the baby wimpy blue, like a dark navy.  Not sure why, just really like the color. 

3.  What is/was your biggest physical goal you want to do when you hit your goal weight?
I want to be able to be active without getting winded and turning bright red and sweating like a whore in church.  I would love to be able to play a game of baseball with my brother and not worry about being embarassed

4.  If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?
I would be a dog.  I love dogs and I can only speak for my dogs and my mother's dog that they are spoiled rotten and have a great life. 

5.   What was your highest weight?
I am a little, well alot actually, embarrassed to say.  I really can't believe I let myself get that big. 
What is your weight now?
n/a at the moment
What is your goal weight if you have one?
What is your goal size if you have one?
I am not sure
What diet/program/tool do you follow/have if any?
I follow the Realize band rules
How did you lose the weight current to today?
the band, eating right and exercise

6.  What’s your best advice for people in this weight loss journey?
Don't be too hard on yourself.  You did not put the weight on in 2 months, so don't expect to lose it all in 2 months.  Stick to the rules, but it's ok to break them every once in a while (to an extent).

7. Have you ever shaved your whootananny?


Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Kicks

Last night the weather was perfect for walking.  So I wrestled both dogs into their harnesses and took off.  Just a couple of blocks into the walk my dad and step-mom roll on up in their car and tell me about a new walking trail they found.  Of course the dogs are ecstatic they get to go for a car ride!  We get to the trail and it is BEAUTIFUL!  It is right next to the Cahaba River, the water is flowing, the birds are chirping, it was awesome!   We let the dogs off leash (no one else was around) and they ran, jumped, played and LOVED it.  Gracie is very athletic and would have stayed there forever if we let her. 

**Side note - We have 2 dogs (basically my kids at the moment) Gracie is a boxer/pit bull mix rescue dog my husband and I got while we were dating.  She about 10 years old and is the smartest dog I know.  I am starting to get sad because she is getting old and I know we don't have many more years left with her.  Moose is a Border Collie we have had for about 3 years.  My husband found him on the side of the highway.  He is our "special" boy (aka slightly slow) :) 

Back to the walk - we walked about 1/2 a mile and the trail deadends, so we turn around and head back to the car.  Please know that if I would have attempted to walk this before surgery I would have been winded and having to stop.  Not last night baby!  I was actually walking at a pretty brisk pace according to my dad and held a conversation with him without getting winded...yay!  About 1/2 way back I realized something else....I needed new sneaks.  I am one of those lazy people that doesn't untie my shoes when I take them off, so that in conjunction with my fat ankles, my shoes have stretched out.  I would also like to think they are loose because I have lost weight, but I may be delusional!

I am getting to my point, I promise!  I decided that at lunch today I would go look for some shoes.  It was as if the exercise fairies were listening because just before I left I received an email from Champs Sports for $15 off!  I printed it and off I went.  Let me just tell you Champs does not carry a huge womens shoes area.  They cater to men's shoes, but I was bound and determined to find some shoes.  Also, please be aware that they do not carry Adidas for women in their stores anymore.  I wore nothing but Adidas when I was younger, but I am older now and decided I needed to open my eyes to other shoes.  I talked with the guy and he said Asics were good shoes.  I tried on a pair and loved them!  I know it was a long story to get to my new shoes, but I felt like I needed to tell the whole story!!  Here they are

Looking at the picture, they look HUGE to me.  I wear a size 10, but these look bigger than that.  Also, please ignore my messy work desk!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is it just me?

Or does your TOM change when you lose weight?  There was a time when I had that special time for 8 weeks straight.  It was no fun, no fun at all.  The Dr. told me that I was fine despite the constant blood loss (sorry that this is so gross, but I need to know these things).  Now that I am losing weight at a good pace, it seems that I am starting to get regular, however I am now noticing that I am bitchy during but so emotional after. 

Let's look at today shall we?  I was done with my TOM yesterday and normally I am fine, but today for some reason I want to cry at everything.  I eat lunch at my desk most of the time and watch tv on hulu or other shows I don't watch at home.  So today I decide to watch 16 & Pregnant on MTV....don't judge me!  Lord, you would have thought I had given my baby up for adoption!  I bawled like a baby!  What is wrong with me?!  I started thinking about me not having kids yet and how much I want a baby.  Then I have to go and make it worse by calling Joe.  In not so many words he pretty  much tells me I'm crazy!  Thanks for the love, jackass! 

What is wrong with me?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wedded Bliss & Comedy part deux

Saturday was awesome!  Joe and I had a great anniversary.  He remembered a perfume that I have been wanting to get and bought it for me.  I love it!  It is Unconditional Love by philosophy.  Highly recommend it!  We went out to dinner at Longhorn, Joe's favorite restaurant.  I got grilled chicken, took 3 bites and proceeded to PB, but it was all good in the hood.  After dinner we went to the comedy show and laughed like I haven't laughed in a long time.  Overall it was a great weekend! 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Pondering

Does anyone ever look at someone without the band eat and think I don't miss eating like that at all?  I know a really random question/thought, but it happened to me this morning.  I was eating breakfast, pancakes, and cut them into tiny pieces, eating very slowly.   The person who was at the table with me started eating their pancakes and I just kind of watched in amazement.  They were cutting their pancakes into normal size pieces, but to me they were huge, like how can someone eat that big of a bite?  Again, I want to say that they were not big bites to a person without a band, but to me they were huge!  I guess this means my crazy  mind has finally caught up with my body about portion sizes and bite sizes.  I think at first I had this twinge of jealousy that I couldn't eat like that, but then I thought, I DON'T WANT to eat that way.  I am perfectly happy with my T tiny bites and taking 30 minutes to eat one pancake.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Feeling the Love

I just want to thank all of you for your comments and support.  A few months ago I never in a million years thought I would be a blogger, but look at me now!  I enjoy reading all of your blogs and LOVE getting your comments and feedback on mine.  

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wedded Bliss & Comedy

This Saturday is mine and my husbands wedding anniversary.  We will be married for 6 years!  I can't believe 6 years has gone by so fast.  We are complete opposites, at least to an extent.  He is a self declared!  He wears Wrangler jeans and Justin boots, dips Copenhagen and loves the outdoors.  I don't like the outdoors, love to shop and camo is not in my wardrobe.  But we make it work!  I love him so much! 

He is the hardest person to buy for.  I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what to get him.  One would think that I could go to Bass Pro Shop and pick up something for him.  I could do that, but I never get the "right" thing and we have to go back and exchange it.  I am SO sorry I don't know the difference between ammunition for all of his guns!  This morning on the way to work we heard a commercial for a comedy club and a comedian that Joe really likes.  He made a comment that it would be neat to see him.  I made a mental note to check the tix prices when I got to work.  I looked and they were only $20!  I got the last 2 seats for Saturday night!!  I can't wait to tell him, he is going to love least I hope so!

Here are some pictures from our wedding!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Goal Ring

I was out shopping with my dad and stepmom this past Saturday and I found a ring that I really, really liked.  It's a costume jewelry piece, nothing major, but it's something that I normally wouldn't pick up.  I was kind of excited about it though because whenever I tried on rings in Steinmart or Kohl's or store like that I could never find any that fit.  Well, I found this ring in my current size, tried it on and loved it.  So we were looking in some random dept that my stepmom wanted to go to and it hit me.  Why would I get this ring in my current size?  I mean, aren't I going to lose weight in my fingers?  much as I hated to do it I put it back.  Now, my Dad being the awesome guy he is said that he would buy it for me.  I told him that it was stupid to get it if my fingers are going to shrink so he suggested that I look for it in a size down and make it my "goal ring".   So I looked and they had one! 

I love jewelry, however I don't think I ever pull it off as chic as other people (low self esteem again), however I am trying to put that out of my mind and just go for it!   So, here it is. I thought it would look really cute with a nice pair of jeans and a cute black shirt, or a cute dress, whatever, the point is I like it!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I can't believe I have 50 people who think my blog is interesting!  That makes me feel so good.  Thank ya'll for the support and comments.  You have no idea how much I appreciate them and how happy it makes me :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

I feel pretty, oh so pretty

At least I think that is what I am supposed to be saying to myself in 8 weeks. 

I haven't talked much about this, but I suffer from depression.  Not the kind that I lock myself in a room for 47 days and listen to nothing but Sarah McLaughlin (sp?), but I have a very bad self image and very low self esteem.  So, the therapist I see suggested that I take a women's self esteem class.  Tonight was the first night and it was pretty good.  I didn't really know what to expect, so I think it went well.

My weight has a HUGE (no pun intended) impact on my self esteem and I don't want to live that way anymore.  I am going into this group with an open mind and ready to change my way of thinking about myself. 

Wish me luck!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Minnie Mouse

So with my job I am on the phone all the time with people across the country.  Today I was talking to a sweet lady in Oklahoma and this is how it went -

Me: Ok, well I will follow up with you next week on your outstanding agreements.  Please let me - what, oh ok...

Sweet OK Lady: Can I tell you something?

Me: Sure

SOL: You sound like Minnie Mouse!  You either sound like Minnie Mouse or a child

Me: Oh, well, um thanks

SOL: Do you mind me asking how old you are?

Me: No, not at all.  I am 29

SOL: WHAT?!  Really?!  I thought you were 18 or 19 maybe, I wasn't expecting 29.  Oh, I hope I didn't offend you

Me: No, it's ok.  The 18 ship has definitely sailed!  I get it all the time that I sound like a child on the phone, I have never heard Minnie Mouse before though!

It's true though, at least once a month when I answer the phone someone asks if they can talk to my mommy or daddy!  I don't think I have a child voice, but apparently when I am on the phone I do. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Clothes

Well, it is official.  I am down to 2 pairs of jeans and 3 pairs of work pants.  I had to retire a pair of jeans this week because I have a man crotch when I wear them and that is not attractive on anyone.  They make me very self conscience because they are too big....still trying to wrap my head around that one!  I have decided that I am retiring the work pants I wore today as well because my butt is hanging down to my knees.  My bras are all too big. 

My question for you is.....what do you do about the in between clothes?  I am too cheap to go out and buy all new clothes for a short period of time.   Do you just try and find them on clearance?  I don't really even know what size I am now.  I think this weekend I am going to just go try some stuff on to see where I stand size wise. 

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm still alive....

Well I made it through my illness.  My stomach is still a little senstive so I am trying to stay on liquids and mushy stuff until I get 100% better. 

I know that my illness had ALOT to do with it, but I have had some significant weight loss over the past couple of weeks.  I jumped, well not jumped, but gingerly stepped on the scale and it told me that so far on my band adventure, I have lost 30.8 lbs.  I can't believe that!!  I was jumping for joy on the inside, I didn't want to jostle the insides anymore than I had too. 

I feel like a bad blogger.  I don't feel like I have really anything interesting to say right now.