Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Babies

Here are my babies!! 

This is Gracie.  Or Princess Gracie.  She is severely spoiled.  She looks kind of out of it because we had given her some sedation for the long car ride!!

We were at a friends lake house and she just ran out and jumped in the lake and stayed there almost the entire time!!

This is Moose.  He is our "special" boy.  He may not be the brightest bulb, but he is a sweet boy and loves to give hugs.

Here they are together.  Gracie is about 7 years older than Moose and is still not sure about him.  She will tolerate him for about 15 minutes and then growls to let him know to leave her alone!

This is Max or Fat Max as we call him.  Notice the belly flopped over on the bed.  It waggles back and forth when he runs to the food bowl!


  1. Awww.....too cute!!!! I love fur babies!

  2. cute furbabies! and i agree, dogs do give the best hugs. my beagle is all about the hugs and cuddles.