Monday, April 12, 2010

Feeling Good for the most part

My foot is feeling good, no pain.  I have not had to hit the bottle of pain meds since Friday, so I think that is good.  I have enough liquid Loritab to start my own corner "pharmacy!!"   I go tomorrow to get my real cast.  I am going to beg and/or bribe the Dr. to give me a boot instead of a cast.  This cast crap is for the birds!  Today was my first day back at work and it was horrible trying to crutch it around.  I am a big girl and it takes a lot for me to haul it around my office.  My wonderful husband has agreed to take the wheelchair the hospital loaned me into work for me tomorrow.  I have to go to the scanner a lot in my job and I cannot carry paperwork with crutches!  I was practicing wheeling around the driveway tonight and Joe asked if he had time to go get the camera before I started going backward down the hill on our driveway!!  I guess I was getting a little to close to the point of no return! 

My friend Kelcei made me feel so good today.  She had not seen me since last Tuesday and one of the first things she told me when she saw me today was that my face looked thin!!  That made me feel so good!  I can tell I am starting to lose again which makes me a very happy Kim! 

I will let ya'll know tomorrow if my bribery worked on the Dr.!!!


  1. Damn, where are the pics of you bustin a move in your driveway in the wheelchair?!

    I've never had a cast before, but I can imagine that they are a pain in the arse.

  2. Sounds like a real pain in the ass!

    If you lived close to me, I would have loaned you my Electric Three Wheeled Scooter (Jazzy) that you could ride around on!! It even has front and rear baskets, and crutch/cane holders. Oh well.

    You could possibly look into renting one though.


  3. Glad your starting to feel better! And no pain?! Thats awesome girl! Hope the doctor gives you the boot! That would be a lot less hassle :) I also just posted a blog and put our picture on there! I love it!

  4. Hey girl! I wanted to thatnk you for the kind words you left on my blog!!!! It really helped me! You INSPIRE me so much! I really appreciate YOU! Hopefully you will get the BOOT!!!!!!!!! You need to take some wheelchair pics for FUN!!!! :)

  5. When my boss broke his leg, and he had to carry stuff around, we made a lanyard type thing and he could clip paperwork to it and wear it like a necklace. And we used to laugh and laugh at him...

    yeah...maybe don't do that...

  6. Kim - you sweet little thing - I wish we all lived closer. We'd all wait on you hand and foot and you wouldn't have to do a thing - except laugh at us while we talk about whootanannys and turkey necks. Blech.