Monday, April 19, 2010

Down I say, Down!!

I have been needing some new capri pants since the weather is getting hotter down here in the South.  I don't want to spend a lot of money on them because hopefully I won't be in them for long, so I had my chauffeur (aka Dad) take me to Walmart to see what they had.  Before ya'll think I am spoiled or had my license revoked remember I can't drive because my cast is on my right foot!!  Anyway......I found a pair of cute jean capris in a size smaller than what I am wearing now and decided to try them on.  That was a bit of a fiasco! 

I wheeled up to the fitting rooms and Earline the Walmart worker decides to "help" me in the handicap room.  I tell her that I was ok to just leave the wheelchair outside and hop into a regular room.  Earline did not take to kindly to that.  She came behind me, commandeered command of the wheelchair and started to push me into the dressing room.  I tried to stop her, but that 98 lb grandma was stronger than she looked.  I knew that we were not going to make it and before I could get the words out she had rammed my cast covered foot into the wall.  It didn't hurt, but I really was ready for Earline to give up control of the chair.  Earline had a different idea.  She kept trying to get that stupid wheelchair in the room.  Finally I put the brakes on and stood up.  She kind of looked at me like it was a miracle.  I told her I just had surgery on the one foot and the other one worked just fine.  I hopped my big butt in a room and tried on the capris. And you know what?!  They fit!!!  I am so excited!!

I can tell I am losing weight and my jeans that I am currently wearing now are really big.  In fact my husband told me the other day that crack kills.  I didn't get it at the time until I stood up and realized my jeans were half way down my butt.  Thank goodness it was just him who saw!!  I want to weigh myself so bad but am afraid to jump on my scale.  I don't know how much my cast weighs and honestly I am not the most coordinated person.  I am afraid I will get up there on one leg and fall over.  Funny image but not something I want to try!! 

I am trying to have a better attitude everyday that comes at me.  Thank you to everyone for the encouragement and kind words.


  1. Gotta love the old ladies that work at Walmart...guess they wanna earn that retirement suppliment.

    Awesome on the fitting of smaller jeans!! YAY! :) I occasionally get the crack kills comment from my buddy that lives here...told her if she wasn't so busy staring at my sexy butt she wouldn't have

    Glad you are perkin up! :)

  2. Hahaha - I love him saying crack kills and you not knowing he was talking about YOU.

  3. Great news! You poor dear, I had to be in a wheel chair once for 6 weeks, it was horrible. It is so hard to get around places that are
    handi-cap accessible. I hope you heal soon.

  4. Sounds like she was determined!! Glad it didn't hurt.

    Your husband sounds hilarious :-)

  5. haha I love wal-mart stories, and this one didn't fail! I just read it out loud to my fiance and we both cracked up. Congrats on the smaller pants, wahooo!

  6. What size pants are you down to?

  7. yay for smaller pants! bummer about the little blue hair though. they are pretty cute. at least in my experiences they have been.

  8. Alright! I love smaller sizes! Yay for you!