Friday, March 4, 2011

A little bit of what's going on....

  • It's a bullet point kind of day
  • I am still here and still in my funk.  
  • An update on the fires - they are under control.   
  • My dad and stepmom leave tomorrow morning for 4 days.  I get the house to myself.  I think we are all looking forward to this mini vacation.  
  • I am starting to see a counselor to deal with my issues.  I internalize waaaaaay to much stuff and it's not healthy.  I am so grateful to be able to talk to someone outside of my family about my problems.  
  • I feel like my life is in chaos and out of control still, but I am working on me.  I will get it under control if it kills me.
  • My dog, Gracie, is a huge faker for sympathy.  She started limping yesterday and when I paid her some extra special attention without Moose around, it was like a Festivus Miracle...she could walk without a limp!
  • I have become addicted to the show Criminal Minds...thanks mama.
  • I am still thoroughly enjoying school.  I am doing a lot better than I thought I would, but I also put a lot of pressure on myself.
  • I am not losing weight like I want to, but I am also not gaining so I am not going to beat myself up over it.  I am making the necessary changes and the scale will start moving down soon.
  • I am completely annoyed with the commercials for The Foundation for a Better Life...have you seen those?  They have a good message, but after I see it for the 874th time, it's annoying.  
  • I miss my family.
  • My cat has started snoring.  He sleeps in my room, most nights at the foot of my bed, and a couple weeks ago he started snoring.  It's strange.
  • I need (ok, mostly want) a new purse.  Mine is like a black hole when I need to find something. 


  1. hey Kim- hope you are out of your funk soon- and I really, really, hope that you are planning on attending boobs 2.0- Glad to hear that school is going well :)

  2. Criminal Minds is a great show... I started watching the new one too, it's not as good but I do like the extra hour each week. Enjoy your vacay!

  3. Hey girlfriend!! Havent seen you in a while :) Wanted to say hey and hope you have a good week! Sorry I have been a little MIA...working 6 days a week sucks and seems like it leaves me absolutely no free time for anything. But the week of March 14th I am getting off at 6 instead of 8:30..lets plan for dinner if you want!! Talk to you soon!

  4. Hey there! Just a quick note to say that I hope you're feeling better and less funk-i-fied! I'm so glad to hear that you're really enjoying school.

    Also, it's fantastic that you're starting with a counselor. Maybe it's the NYC in me talking, but I am a HUGE fan of therapy and really think that most people can benefit from it. I think of it as a mani/pedi for the soul. It's just SO nice to be able to talk things out with someone who is legally bound not to repeat anything you say, and a luxury to have an hour to talk about anything that is on your mind. Enjoy it!

  5. Hey girl!!! I miss you!!!! I logged onto blogger to just check your blog!! I wanted to see what was going on with you! You should feel special ;) I am having a very hard time with my has been a struggle! Not really gaining, just loosing 2 lbs....putting back on 2 lbs......working really hard to loose the 2 lbs again......slacking and gaining the 2 lbs again...can you see the cycle??!!?? This week has been a good week, it has been a week that I have lost, yet again, the same 2 lbs :) I love ya! Just wanted to check in!!!! I think the therapy is a GREAT idea!! I could use some myself, in fact we probably all could! :)