Tuesday, December 14, 2010

FL Picture Post

Hello!!  I am having a blast in FL.  I did not bring my scale with me, so I don't know where I am with my weight and it is driving me nuts.  I like to know where I am at. 

Last Friday my dad and I went to EPCOT with Maria (DizneDiva) her husband George and her mom.  We had so much fun!  It was a beautiful day and it wasn't too crowded.  I know I must have walked at least 7 miles, so I am hoping that will equal a loss on the scale.  Here are a few pics from Disney and my time with my family.

 Dad and I

 Love this quote! 
 Dad and I in "Japan"
 Maria and I in "Paris"

Absolutely gorgeous tree at the Grand Floridian Resort

 My cousin Christopher and myself.  He is in the Army and getting married in a couple of weeks in Texas. 
 So, my mom and I wanted roastd marshmallows one night but couldn't go out to start a fire so we made due with the electric stove broiler!!
 My Aunt Laura and I
 Me, my cousin Allison, my Mamaw and Aunt Laura
Me, my cousin David, my cousin Allison and my cousin Phil


  1. You look great and it looks like you're having fun!

  2. Fantastic photos! i am glad you're having a great time. i hope to see you soon, *M*

  3. Love family time! Love the pictures! Have a blast in Florida :)

  4. just found your blog... hopefully you will join us florida blogger st disney on january 2nd?