Monday, October 18, 2010

Sickly & Weekend recap

I think I am getting sick.  This sucks blue whale.  I have figured out that when I fly I usually get sick.  When I flew to and from Chicago this didn't happen, so I thought I might have gotten over it.  I guess I didn't.  Last Friday when I flew home from FL, I had to fly from Orlando to Houston and then to Birmingham.  It doesn't make much sense to me but the flight was cheap and I racked up some miles!  I guess flying for a combined total of like 5 hours and 2 planes will get to my immune system because I am not feeling so hot.  I don't feel "sick" but I don't feel good either.  I think I am in the early stages, ugh. 

Saturday was awesome however!  My dad and I met up with Mary Catherine (Band Me...I'm Ready) and her husband Anthony to head over to T-town for the AL game.  It was homecoming and the game didn't start until 8:10, but we got over there around 2:30 to partake in some festivities!  We went to an A Club bbq and got to watch some football in the indoor practice field, we went to the Bryant Museum and then ate some dinner in the A Club.  The weather was perfect all day and night.  It did get a bit chilly though in the second half!  Mary and her husband are so sweet and I am so glad that they got to come!  I know I had fun with them, I hope they did too!!  I am going to leave you with some pics from Saturday.


  1. Look at those beautiful girls... You both have smiles to light up the room too. I am texting you now so I guess I'll cut this short... LOL *M*

  2. Sorry you are not feeling so great, but looks like it was worth it. Love your pics.

  3. OMG Sounds like an absolute ball!!! So jealous of you and Mary :)