Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chattanooga and Moose

So my dad has noticed that I have been in a funk lately, I guess I am not hiding as well as I thought I was!  I have never been to Chattanooga, TN before and it is only 2 hours away, so we went yesterday.  I wasn't really in the mood to go, but I knew that I needed to get out and something.  The ride over was fine, there was hardly anyone on the road, so it was a great drive.  We get to Chattanooga and end up in some artsy district.  We go to this "bakery" (it was actually just a room with bread on shelves).   My dad and took one look and walked right out and went to the sculpture garden across the street.  Well folks this is where the day starts to head south and never looks back again.  Apparently my stepmom didn't see us leave, I'm not sure how she didn't see us....the room was the size of my bathroom for goodness sakes, but anyway, when she finally comes and finds us she is pissed.  She said that my dad left her and "she is here too".  Now, this is where I feel weird.  My relationship with my stepmom has always been strained.  I am a Daddy's girl through and through.  My dad and I get along, we laugh, we talk, it's a great relationship.  For some reason my stepmom can't stand it.  She gets very jealous and I don't know why.  He is my dad.  It's not like I am trying to steal him away.  I am very aware of the fact that they need time and I purposely don't do things with them so she can have him all to herself.   We don't exclude her in things and I bite my tongue ALL THE FLIPPING TIME with her.  So we get back in the car and she starts tearing up.  My dad apologizes and says it was not on purpose (it really  wasn't) and for us to have a good day.  We stopped for lunch and it was probably the most awkward I have ever felt sitting at a table.  No one was talking, my stepmom is still tearing up and refusing to talk to my dad.  She always assumes I am taking my dads side, so she doesn't talk to me either.  I used to let it bother me, but now I just feel like whatever.  I literally just sat there and played on my phone until the food came.  After we ate we went up to Lookout Mtn. and Rock City.  It was a beautiful drive and the views are gorgeous!  Still no talking though.  My dad and I talked, but I feel weird like we are leaving out and when I try to talk to her she is very short.  I just wanted to scream over the rocks.  So after the mountain we left.  It was one of the most awkward days I have had in along time!  

I took the video of Moose below a few weeks ago when we had some snow/ice on the ground.  It doesn't happen very much for us down here in the South, so I thought is was funny that Moose ran full out to get the frisbee, but when he brought it back he was very cautious.  It makes me laugh!  

 Looking out from the sculpture garden

 View from Lookout Mountain

 I realize that I am probably the worst frisbee thrower and I hate the way my voice sounds in this video


  1. Your stepmother should have the same respect for your relationship with your Dad and let you have your time together... Some people always have to be the center of attention, hence why we didn't have kids... no one to share each other with... LOL. Anyway, I wish she would be more understanding toward what you're going through, since your Mom is so far away.

  2. Poor Kim! Looks like the day started out hoping good things would come then unfortunately it headed south. It was good of yall to be able to get out and enjoy another city but Im sorry the stepmom issue got in the way. I know you dont enjoy that situation!

  3. Wow! It sounds like she has some real issues. I'm sorry you had to be in the middle of it.

    I am glad you have your dad right now though.