Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fill Maybe?

I just finished Skyping with my Mamaw and she is the best!!  She is sending me some cash to help me get a fill, she is best Mamaw EVER!!!  She also sent me some clothes she bought at Belk she thought I would like.  They are cute, but dare I say....TOO BIG!!  I am going tomorrow to exchange them for something more in my size.  That is so exciting just saying that or typing it.  Whatever, you get what I'm saying!!  I have already put the reminder in my BlackBerry to call the Dr. office tomorrow to see when they can fit me in!! 


  1. That's great. What a nice mom. Both the fill and the clothes. Make sure you replace them with the same cute ones.

  2. Nice! Mamaw's are the greatest!

  3. Great!!! Here's hoping the doctor will be aggressive in the fill for you!!

    By the way, I am loving the verification words today. I just got "asstrap" and on my last comment on Jacquie's page it was "pubcle".