Friday, July 16, 2010

Redneck Water Helper

This my friends, is my new favorite mug/cup.  It is 32 oz so I know that when I drink two of these puppies I have met my quota for the day.  But do I drink just two?  Nope, I drink about 6 of these a day.  I am in love!!  Sure, it's covered in bass and deer and a giant turkey......I don't give a crap!!  It was $3.99 and I know I am getting my water quota in for the day. 

If anyone would like to join the redneck water club, let me know.  I live about 15 min from the Bass Pro Shop and can get you one and send it to you!! 


  1. Redneck Water Helper...At least you're not drinking out of an empty pickled pig's feet jar!! :)

  2. I love it! I a big one like that too, but it's from the hospital, kind of icky, but it works.

  3. For ONCE I can actually get one of these things on my own! We have a Bass Pro Shop in Toronto!! Hooray!! It probably costs $16 here though. *sigh*