Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blizzards & Booties

My dad and I had lunch at DQ yesterday.   I know, I know not the best place to eat but we had to eat on the fly due to a meeting we had to get too.  As I was eating my chicken I happen to notice that they now make a mini blizzard.  It is wee small teeny tiny thing of goodness.  It is the perfect size for someone, not naming names, but me!!  I don't have the nutrition information, I don't know how much fat, calories or whatever.  All I know is that it is better than a small blizzard.  I don't eat them alot, but when I want one I know that there is a mini option out there! 

Alright, has anyone seen the commercial for this new product called "Booty Pop"?  It is a pair of underwear that has a bubble of some sort on the butt cheeks to enhance it.  When I first saw it I couldn't help but laugh.  I laughed because never in my entire life have I ever needed a booty enhancer!  Baby got back!  In the commercial they compared it to a push up bra, understandable right?  I put my thinking cap on (scary I know) and it's not really like a push up bra.  Just go with me on this....a push up bra pushes up what you already have.  When you take the bra off you still have your boobs, granted they are saggy balloons, but they are still there.  When you take off these panties, your "booty" is gone.  If you have a flat butt, you have a flat butt.  I just think it's funny! 


  1. Imagine if it 'popped' when you sat down :-)

    Could be a tad embarrassing - lol!

  2. I found this:

    Don't know how accurate it is, but at least it's something :)

  3. I think Kim Kardashian's backside has spured this butt enhancement craze. Me, I have plenty and would be happy to do a butt transplant with my flatter sisters.

  4. I saw (on one of my many trips through the DQ drivethrough for a small vanilla cone) that they were going to start offering the mini blizzards. I want one. But I starting my sweet detox TODAY! :)

    And I promise you I will also never need this Booty pop business. Ever. No matter what.

  5. You had me at mini blizzard!!!

    But you lost me on the flat butt part, because I, my dear, have a flat butt!!! I would never wear a booty enhancer, but I definitely dreaming of "having back" lol