Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh What a Day

I have had a day.

My grandparents are staying with us, so I gave up my bedroom and am sleeping on an air mattress downstairs.  No biggie until my dog Moose freaks out every time the stupid cat walks in the room.  I swear the cat is doing it on purpose.  So about 6:15 this morning I said screw up and got up. 

I met my friend Kelcei for lunch today.  All of the sudden she got really pale and dizzy.   She is fine, but it scared me to death! 

After I left the restaurant I went and exchanged my jeans for the smaller size..yay!  After that I came home picked up Mamaw and did some more shopping...yay!  Now the entire time this is going on I was helping out a friend with an issue and it made me feel so good!  She is awesome and I can't wait to hear about it :)

When Mamaw and I got home from shopping we ended up turning right back around after picking up my Dad and step-mom and went back shopping.  I found the cutest pair of sandals for $5!! 

When we finally got home for the last time I figured out what the deal is with my scale....TOM.  I had no idea it was coming, but grateful so I won't have it in Chicago.  I have never really had cramps, maybe once or twice in my life and tonight I really thought I was going to die! 

After I ate dinner and changed into my pajamas my uncle decided he wanted to take Mamaw to the movies and she asked me to come along.  I change my clothes and we go see The American.  It truly is the worst. movie. ever.  It was absolutely horrible.  It took all I had to sit there with my cramps and watch this crap.  A couple even walked out in the middle of it. 

Oh, I did find out some very good news today.   A certain medicine I take I have not been able to get because I don't have insurance.  When I called my pharmacy a few months ago to find out how much it would cost without insurance I about pooped myself when they told me $385!  I never called another pharmacy because I thought they would all be the same.  Well, I called another place today and guess what?!  It is only $22.78.  I just hope that my Dr. will call in a refill for me without me having to come in. 

Anyway, I am home now for the last time tonight.  Hopefully after my TOM has gone the scale will be nice to me again. 


  1. Great news about the medicine, I'll avoid that movie!

  2. I have noticed that ever since the band and losing weight, the TOM is starting to regulate herself more and my cramps have been OFF THE CHARTS terrible. Ugh.

    Hope you have a great time in Chicago! :)