Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Beginning

I can't exactly pinpoint the exact moment I realized that I was fat.  Growing up I always felt different from girls may age, I was taller and developed earlier than most but I wouldn't classify myself as "fat", just slightly overweight - something I thought could change at anytime.  Of course I never made that change so that is how I ended up Fatty McButterpants.  This is a name I have given myself, no one has ever called me that, at least not to my face!  I am one of those people with the self deprecating sense of humor and make a joke out of being fat.  I am not saying it's healthy for my self esteem, but it's what I do.  I feel that if I make a joke about my weight before anyone else can, than they will just forget about it.  I am the funny fat girl. Over time I just realized that I was getting bigger and bigger.  I know what you're thinking....why don't you just stop!  But if you are an overweight person you understand that it is so much easier said than done.  I felt bad about being fat, so ate, the more I ate the bigger I got.  I know it's cliche, but it is vicious cycle.  But that is changing!  I had the REALIZE gastric band surgery on August 10, 2009 and I am saying goodbye to Fatty McButterpants once and for all! 

I am brand spanking new to blogging but decided to do this blog after reading some very inspirational blogs regarding the band surgery.  I know there are a lot people who have had this surgery but I felt like I was all alone on this journey.  I even have a close family member who had the surgery and thought it would be the same, but it's different for everyone.  I hope that my journey can help someone make the choice to get the band.  It was and has been the best decision I have made!

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  1. :) I try to be the one to make the jokes about being fat too...or I will be out with a bunch of skinny friends and I will look at someone and say something like "OMG, She should NOT be wearing that"...when I know good and darn well she is probably the same size as me. I know it is wrong...evil...guilty...and shameful...but anything to get the looks off of myself!

    I have found that many of the lovely people that blog on here are funny, witty, inspirational...and GREAT! =D I look forward to reading everything you have to say and write..I have read thru the blog so far...but, I went I guess my welcome is last? Eh...whatever...