Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brain, meet stomach....Stomach, meet brain

I am not sure how my brain and stomach just cannot hook up!   It seems as though they are on two different bodies.  I had to run out at lunch today to the library and a co-worker asked if I would stop and pick something up for lunch for her.  I called her as I was leaving the library and told her I was passing by 2 or 3 different fast food places.  Don't panic...I didn't get anything at Arby's, oh how I wanted too, but I didn't.  Instead I went into the pig (that would be the Piggly Wiggly for ya'll not from the south) to get a salad.  I was really wanting chicken salad.  As I was standing in front of the salad selections picking out some chicken salad a nice sweet old lady told me that the pea salad was very good.  So now I am holding a small container of chicken salad and pea salad. As I was walking away her husband (at least I assume it was, very sweet as well) said oh no, you need to try the ham salad.  So instead of putting something back or just saying no, Fatty McButterpants Kim decided to get them all.  Now I have no intentions of eating it all, but I thought I would try at least a little bit of each and take rest home.  Now that I am back in the office and had about 4 bites of the chicken salad and 1 bite of the pea salad, I am not hungry.  Why, oh why can't I just say no to food?  I mean do I think that I will never eat again?  I have put the rest of my salads in the fridge here at work and will eat on them for days at home, but why did I need to buy them all?  Get with it brain and stomach!


  1. Hi, I found your blog through Amy's blog.

    I have this problem constantly. My whole life I have been around lots of big family dinners so when I cook, I over-cook. When I shop, I over-shop. I still plan meals as though I am participating fully in them even though I will only be able to eat like 4 bites.

    My kitchen cupboards and fridge are so full of stuff that it will certainly go bad before my husband can eat it all!

    I am hoping one day my food-based brain and my band will figure each other out a little better!

  2. Hello fellow August bandster!

    Just found your blog via Amy

  3. Can you please tell your brain to talk to mine when it figures it out? We are in the same boat!

  4. Hi Nicole!! Love your blog!

    Suzi...glad to know I am not alone!

  5. Hi Kim,

    I too found your blog through Amy's! I was Banded on Nov 19th, 09, so I am a real newbie!

    I agree with Suzi, when your brain talk to mine when it figures it out? I am in Bandster Hell, waiting for my Restriction!!


  6. Hi Debi! I know how you feel about not having any restriction. My Dr. is great, but very, very conservative on the fills. It has been a little over 5 months and I am just now starting to get where I need to be. However, I am just grateful that I am finally here! Your blog is so pretty :)

  7. Hey! I have left a few comments on other posts...I was just hunting around and found ya! I don't remember exactly thru who...probably Amy as well! I am getting ready to be banded next month.. =D