Thursday, January 21, 2010

Freaking Out

I am just having a crappy morning and it does not help that I am freaking out about my band.  I don't know, I don't have any symptoms and I am losing weight, but I am freaking out about my band slipping for some reason.  Or that I have stretched out my stomach and I am not going to lose any significant weight.  I don't know if it all goes back to me feeling like this is going to fail like all of the other diets I have tried.

Just a bad day so far and it's only 9:46......


  1. Hi... just found your blog from Amy's - check mine out! Don't worry about stretching yourself - if you've done what you are supposed to, you're probably fine! I find that I have "loose" days and "tight" days... it is an odd thing, these bands of ours! Hang in there with the weight loss - personally, I think slow is best - I've lost about 70 over 11 months - thought is would be more, but I'm noticing that my skin is bouncing back and not sagging, and once the weight goes, it doesn't come back - look forward to catching up on more of your posts!

  2. Hi Sarah! Thank you for the encouragement, sometimes I need a fellow bander to help out. My husband is great, but he just doesn't get it!

  3. That's true! Our DH's can't possibly know what we are truly going through, since they haven't experienced it.

    This is why I love our Blogging world, we DO know what the other is feeling, or at least WILL know in the future. So we can give/take the support as needed.

    Don't worry about slipping the band or stretching out the pouch.

    For Stretching out the Band, I was told that you would have to eat wayyy too much in one sitting. And it would have to be enough for you to be in severe pain, from it trying to pass through.

    Then, it would also have to be more than the pouch can hold to stretch it out! Now, if you eat a lot but you have no pain, it is ok. Because that means that it is slipping right through the band into the lower stomach & isn't stretching the band.

    As for slipping the Band, I believe that you would have to have some severe vomiting issues for you to have to worry about slipping the band.

    If you are still worried about this, I would recommend that you ask your Doctor at your next visit.