Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mixed Emotions Tuesday

So today was just full of mixed emotions.  I was so excited this morning that my pants are too big, but when I started eating my breakfast (oatmeal) I couldn't keep anything down.  So that was a bummer.  Then I tried to eat something this afternoon and same thing, nothing would stay down.  I am one of those people that if I get stressed or anxious abou something my stomach is knots, so I am not sure if that is my problem or what.  I am super stressed at work and home and anxious about getting a house soon.  And my stupid scale is not working right....but pants are too big, yay!


  1. Hey Kim.. I just found your blog.. sounds like you need new pants and a new scale.. you know what that means.. its time to SHOP.. Because it is January all of the diet stuff is on sale, so I am guessing you can pick up some good buys. Stress does play into everything and certain tries us, but try to step back and see what it is doing to you and how you can put in little steps to manage it better. When you feel it really getting to you get up and go for a short walk to clear your mind, put on some music or try to focus your mind on something intense that will force you to not think about the stressful things (try breathing exercises, do yoga, a puzzle) the point is to refocus. I know buying a house is stressful, but you need to convince your self that you are in charge and you are not going to let life events rule your emotions (sometimes easier said than done).. good luck.. try the breathing a la yoga style (breath through your nose and fill your belly and the slowly breath out)be well

  2. Thank you Barbara for the encouragement!