Friday, January 29, 2010

Up.....In not such a good way

*Disclaimer - some might find this post gross, proceed with caution

For the past week I have been having problems keeping my food down.  I had my last fill on 1/11 and was just fine after I had gotten it.  I am making a huge effort to take small bites and eat very slow.  I am also not drinking while I eat because this is a sure fire way to get stuck.  But for the past week it seems like everything I eat wants to come back up.  I eat a few bites and have run and bring it back up.  What is the deal?  Did anyone else go through this? 

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  1. So what are you trying to eat in this sessions? is it an easy back up or difficult? have you irritated your band from an earlier episode? is it period time? what you eat can make a difference. if it is an easy back up it might be that you are eating too much. if you had problems earlier in the day or even the day before it can mean that you irritated your band and you need to go on liquids or very soft foods for a day to let things settle down. If it is near your period it can be a hormonal or water weight tightening....complicated hunh? if none of the above are working for might need an unfill ;(....good luck with this whichever it is. In the whole time I have had the band I had to have one unfill. I just wasn't ready to chew enough yet. I still lost weight on less and lived to fill again later :)