Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My "Green Zone"

I had my band adjusted on Monday and I think I have finally hit my "green zone".  Every Dr. office and company I am sure calls it something different, but this is where your band is giving you the optimum amount of restriction for weight loss.  Right after surgery I was having a hard time with not losing weight immediately.  I mean I lost some but in my mind I was expecting big things.  I have since realized that with the band surgery vs. gastric bypass my stomach was pretty much the same size for 6 weeks after surgery until my first adjustment.  Since my first adjustment I have definitely seen changes, but nothing like I feel now.  I was only able to eat 2 crackers and some apple slices for lunch today and I felt so full when I was done.  I could have probably not eaten the last 2 apple slices and been perfectly happy....still working on the mental part of changing my eating habits.  But this is very exciting!  I am so happy to be in my "zone"!! 

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