Monday, February 1, 2010

The Finger

I was sitting at my desk this morning typing and looked down and saw a bit of cuticle that needed to be trimmed, so I grab my handy dandy cuticle nippers and take care of it.  Well apparently I cut a bit to much and started bleeding.  I tell you all of this because as I am holding the tissue against my injury (yes, I am classifying this as an injury) and start putting the band-aid on it I realized that I am starting to get "skinny" fingers!!!  I am looking at them right now and they seem to have gotten longer and prettier...yay!!  I no longer have sausage fingers!  My rings are getting loose and I am loving it.  I will gladly pay whatever to have my rings re-sized.

And crazy as this sounds, I think my nails look prettier.  I guess it is helping that I am starting to take care of them better.   My theory is before the surgery I had sausage fingers (everything on me was fat) so why take care of them if no one is going to look at them.  Why would I be good enough for someone to look at my fingers and nails?  But now I know better....I am doing this for me, not for someone else to look at them.  And I am pretty dang excited for my skinnier fingers!! :)


  1. don't you just love watching things shrink. my fingers are getting thinner. my rings show that to me daily. i can put them on the morning and not feel like my finger is going to explode.

  2. Awesome Kim! Skinny fingers is a great thing :) Also you have facebook?! If so you should find me on there! Kristen Redmond :)

  3. Yeah for skinny fingers...! Yes, we women notice these things, and it means a lot....!