Saturday, February 20, 2010

I have a confession.....

My name is Kim and I am a reality tv junkie.  Let me say though, I only watch the "classy" reality!   :)  I love the Amazing Race, Shear Genius, Project Runway, The Real Housewives of whatever city at the moment.  As I type this I am watching this week's Project Runway!!  I don't know what draws me in....well I guess I do.  I watch it to a) take my mind off of the everyday things called life b) I really just can't believe that some people act the way they do.  It amazes me!!  I know that they are probably hamming it up for the camera, but still, it's crazy! 

On a happy husband and I were outside talking to my neighbor tonight and I needed to get something out of my car really fast.  We live on a big hill and the neighbors house is down hill from ours so I had to run up the hill to my car.  Normally I would have been out of breath and panting and turning red thinking to myself I am about keel over at any moment from a heart attack.  Tonight I did not!!  I ran to my car, got what I needed and about half way back to my husband it hit me that I was not about to die!  That was an awesome feeling :)  I am so looking forward to feeling that feeling more and more. 


  1. LOL - Reality TV is fun. It's neat to see how they act isn't it? They can be so Crazy!
    Congrats on running that hill and not getting winded!! That's a HUGE nsv!! Woot!

  2. I'm a reality tv junkie too!!! Makes my life seem so much better - lol!!

    Also - fantastic NSV!! That's great!

  3. Wow that is a great NSV!!! Well done

  4. I secretly want to be a real housewife...they got nuthin' on me...I can drink wine for breakfast and scream at my GF's LOL! Great blog! -BG

    I'm here:

  5. I want to be a housewife, but just not sure from which city. I don't think I could handle the ATL wives!! That is just too much wig pulling for me!!!! And the girls from NJ are just scary! I think I would fit in the best with the NY girls, for the most part. I think Bethany and I could hang together!