Thursday, February 18, 2010

NASA Fruit

So, after reading Amy's blog the other day about fruit in a pouch, I wanted to try one.  My Publix here had the Buddy Fruits 10 for $10, so basically a buck a piece.  I got an apple & cinnamon and an apple & banana (that is all the store had for flavors).  I tried the apple & cinnamon yesterday and it wasn't bad, but not my favorite.  To me it is the consistency of thick, smooth apple sauce.  I just broke open the apple & banana......WOW...LOVE IT!!!  I am big fan of bananas so it would make sense that I like this one better!   The display in the store was pushing that they come in these pouches like the astronauts use in space....NASA fruit!  I would highly recommend these if you are having problems getting in your fruit servings for the day (pointing at myself). 


  1. I am envious have not seen these in Canada.. Tear... They just look cute..

  2. I bought a couple of them again yesterday! They are a nice little treat!