Thursday, February 4, 2010

My scale loves me again.....for the moment

So you know the problems that I have with my scale....step on, it goes blank, move it a 1/2 inch, step on, it goes blank, etc, etc.  It is is in my dining room because I think the floor is more level there than in my bathroom (our house was built in like the 20's or something, so it's settled alot).  Anyway, I was on my way to the kitchen and thought what the hey, I'll step on and see what happens.  To my amazement I look down and do you know what it said?!  It said, you....Kimberly, have lost 5 lbs!!!  I am so excited!!  I have really been  making good food choices and drinking around 110 oz of water a day and exercising regularly....I am FINALLY starting to see the rewards of this surgery.

I have to admit that I was bummed when I read some other blogs and people who have had the surgery around the same time as me or after me and have lost 50 lbs already.....I am happy for them and it is great, but kept asking myself why am I not that way.  I now realize that it was me not putting 100% into it and finding out that my Dr. is super conservative with fills, so just in January I have really felt major restriction.  But you know what?  Everyone is different and everyone has their own journey.   I am happy that I am getting healthy!


  1. I had a friend teach me this lesson as it relates to school and getting a college degree but I think it applies in this situations as goes like this:

    in two years where are those other band patients going to be?...skinny. In two years where are you going to be?....skinny. It doesnt really matter how fast or slow each of you took to get there. It is the end that is important.

    Congratulations on the 5 pound loss!!

  2. Thats awesome..! See, hard work does pay off..

  3. Nice to get scale victories, they are a powerful reinforcement and motivator. It can be so frustrating to see other people losing quicker, but I think it usually just seems that way because we are only getting a glimpse of their struggle, whereas we feel the full brunt of our own. Congrats on your success so far!